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21 Billion+

Annual engagements over
voice, messaging & video


Agents on

4 Billion+

Queries resolved
by AI bots

125 Million+

Hours of call

Customer Experiences Amplified by Exotel

Harisson Albert (Director - D-Link Middle East and Africa) shares his insights and experience on how Exotel is resolving some major CX challenges for D-Link (Middle East & Africa)

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With Your Customer
Every Step of The Way. Like a Friend

Multi-channel clean APIs and no-code apps as building blocks to orchestrate personalized customer interactions, from anywhere

Hyper-personal customer service, wherever your customers are. Enterprise-ready, omnichannel & truly cloud platform.

Boost productivity & achieve cost efficiency at scale with advanced intelligent conversations.

Stay Connected Every Step of The Customer Journey.

Lead generation

Launch multichannel campaigns in minutes with no-code tools.

Automate conversational lead gen with AI bots on Website/app, Google search & WhatsApp.

Manual outbound and inbound lead gen dialers and IVR.

Customer acquisition

Business verified in-house Sales engagement with advanced dialers.

Power 1-1 on-field personnel connects with reliable APIs.

Setup WhatsApp store and skyrocket sales with chat commerce.

Assist customers in real-time with CoBrowse and live chat or call.

Product/Service delivery

Power last mile 1-1 connects with superfast voice APIs.

Send timely transactional and status updates on SMS and WhatsApp.

Trigger reminder and rescheduling call campaigns.

Post sales service

Offer hyperpersonal support with an omnichannel contact center and customer 360 view.

Enable seamless 1-1 conversations for long-term engagement.

Deliver faster gratification with integrated automation across touchpoints.

IT & Product

Test, pivot and deploy quicker with all tools under one cloud shop.

Boost product adoption and security with integrated verification suite.

Enterprise grade security with 100% compliance to local regulations.

Built on cloud-first
infra, Exosphere

Licensed virtual telecom operator in India

Trusted network with a partnership with global operators

Patented monitoring tech ensuring high uptimes

Backup routes and networks ensuring high connectivity

Analyst corner.

The Growing Landscape of CPaaS: A Gartner Analysis

With the industry's trajectory pointing upwards and the APAC region emerging as a significant battleground for CPaaS dominance. Exotel's mention in the Gartner report is a testament to its achievements and a hint of the greater things to come. 

Consumer Engagement Platforms in MENA Set to Skyrocket to $6 Billion by 2030

WhatsApp and Conversational AI poised to dominate, capturing one-third of the market as digital consumer engagement reshapes brand strategies.

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Accelerate your market entry and adaptation

One-stop cloud shop for streamlined communication and enhanced business performance


Build customer trust and support ongoing business

Humanize engagement and craft connected customer conversations


Experience peace of mind as you safeguard your data

Licensed virtual telecom operator. PCI-DSS and ISO 27001:2013 compliant


Achieve business agility in a rapidly evolving environment

Reliable and flexible solutions for any business size across industries


Strengthen your brand: Foster Loyalty, Command Respect, and Drive Advocacy.

Ease of design and implementation at speed with high ROI

Exotel is a leading Connected Customer
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