Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional authentication methods. Enhance app security and product usage with a safe, quick, cost-effective multi-factor authentication product. Ensure higher authentication success rates and elevated customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores with frictionless verification experiences.

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Get the Security You Need Without
Compromising on UX

Struggling to stay ahead of the curve with your user verification process?

Ensure your app users are verified quickly and easily with ExoVerify's integrated fallback system — two forms of verification, one solution.

Are lengthy and cumbersome verification processes hindering customer experience?

Passwordless verification with nOTP provides quick user verification, empowering customers to focus on getting the best from your product.

Worried about safeguarding your business and the confidentiality of customers' details?

Arm your business with a passwordless, multi-factor authentication that protects both parties from security breaches.

What You Get With

Real-time verification analytics

Monitor verification data in real-time on the ExoVerify analytics dashboard

End-to-end message encryption and a verified sender ID

Ensure the security and trustworthiness of the two-factor authentication process.

Detailed reporting

Generate and download reports for their traffic (up to six months) without the Account Manager's intervention

Integrated fallback mechanisms

ExoVerify’s full-stack verification suite includes SMS OTP and Voice OTP acting as automatic fallbacks to nOTP, ensuring successful verifications.

Before vs After


Users have to remember passwords - Dependency on external password storage vendors and compromised safety. High drop-offs - Multiple login attempts, signups & password resets result in customer frustration & drop offs. Rampant data and security breach - Absence of authentication means customer’s sensitive data falling in the hands of third parties. Bad UX - Difficult to navigate UX results in poor customer onboarding resulting in drop-off.

After ExoVerify

Passwordless authenticationExoVerify’s passwordless technology removes the need to remember the password every time a log-in is attempted. Heightened data securityPrevent fraud and avoid password proxies with multi-factor authentication- all across a scalable API. Smoother loginsCustomers experience instant gratification post log-in with a fast and effortless verification flow. Reduced verification costs by up to 50% - Better safety and efficiency at a great price.


Improve Security And Save Time

Say hello to secure, streamlined identity verification with a user-friendly experience. Enhanced authentication processes reduce the risk of security breaches and keep your sensitive information safe.

Instantly access your accounts or services with a secure verification process. Skip the wait and simplify authentication - no more extended delays for OTPs or tedious sign-up processes!

Get unbeatable accuracy and security with our zero percent incorrect OTP entry rate. Perfect for individuals and businesses who need reliable identity verification measures to guard important data.

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