Turn support conversations into sales opportunities. Boost repeat sales and loyalty purchases with AI-powered next-gen support experience. Power support agents with the right context, data, and support channels and help them win customers for lifetime.


Drive Reliable and
Trusted Engagement at Scale

21 Billions+

Annual engagements over voice, messaging & video


Agents oncloud

4 Billion+

Queries resolved by AI bots

125 Million+

Hours of call duration

Manage your contact center with quality, speed, and efficiency

Enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency with personalized journeys

Deflect the IVR call to a WhatsApp bot, take a chat conversation to a video call, or build a personalized IVR flow to take customers directly to the right agent, design different interaction journeys to deliver personalized experience, and resolve customer queries faster. 


Maximise contact centre performance by eliminating the unproductive, busy work

Give manual dialing work to smart dialers and save time spent waiting for the calls to be dialed, connected or answered. Maximize agent productivity with the right dialing algorithm.


Make informed decisions with complete transparency in your contact center operations

Get visibility into your everyday agent-customer conversations on a single dashboard. Monitor agent productivity, ongoing call center activities, customer feedback, and more in a single view.



Omnichannel Contact Centre Solution Everything your team needs to offer exceptional support


Ameyo XTRM

Leverage a highly scalable, reliable, and intelligent enterprise contact center solution that eliminates your dependency on telco providers and helps you build connected, omnichannel conversations throughout channels.


Ameyo Emerge by Exotel

Offer seamless omnichannel experience in your inbound and outbound call center from a single interface. From messaging apps like WhatsApp to various CRM/helpdesk software, integrate all your channels seamlessly into the contact center.



Drive efficient large-scale communication in less time & resources. Record, schedule and broadcast your message to the masses in one go with voice broadcast.


Advanced Dialer

Optimize call success rates and enable personalized interactions with dialers. Dial strategically as per the contact’s past behavior, the time when they are most likely to pick up and equip agents with all the right details before they start the conversation.


Smart IVR

Drive faster resolution and a more tailored interaction with smart IVR. Pick from single and multi-level IVR to suit different use cases and create customized IVR flows with personalized messages. 


Reports and Dashboards

Gain insights, identify opportunities, and boost efficiency with detailed reports and dashboards. Stay up-to-date on your contact center performance with access to agent reports, call analytics, and customer conversations in one place.


Auto Call Distributor

Increase customer loyalty, retention, and recurring revenue by prioritizing high-value customers. Transfer the calls to the most skilled agents and ensure they receive a personalized and fast customer experience with auto-call distribution.


Live Monitoring

Resolve issues faster and take proactive actions. Observe ongoing activities on a  real-time monitoring dashboard and swiftly address issues, provide instant feedback to agents, and make necessary adjustments to improve performance. 


Business Phone System

Reduce hardware and maintenance costs and gain more agility. Use the phone system hosted on the cloud and efficiently add or remove phone lines, features, and services as you upscale or downscale.



Boost contact center efficiency with the right data and workflows. Access and use relevant information from various data sources on a unified platform to improve business productivity and agility.


Powering 7000+ Businesses in 60+ countries

Customer Experiences That Speak Volumes

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Exotel contact center platforms are highly integrable with most CRMs, helpdesk software, messaging apps, and other business-critical tools. If you have a specific integration requirement, connect with our experts to assist you.

Exotel’s cloud contact centers provide real-time analytics, historical reporting, and agent analytics dashboards to constantly monitor agents’ work and performance and assist them. Want to explore the dashboard? Get the free demo

We implement the highest security measures to protect customer information, including voice log encryption, compliance with industry standards like ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, and data access controls.

Yes, our highly customizable IVR builder allows you to make your own IVR flow with different customization options. You don’t need a developer to build these flows, they are highly intuitive with drag-and-drop functionality.

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