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Annual engagements over voice, messaging & video



Agents on cloud


4 Billion+

Queries resolved by AI bots


125 Million+

Hours of call duration


What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center solution manages your complete customer communication, including inbound and outbound calls, chatbot interactions, text messages, social media engagement, and video communications—all facilitated through an internet connection.

Unlike on-premise PBX systems, cloud contact centers eliminate the need for telecom hardware procurement, installation, and upkeep. Cloud contact centre solution minimizes your deployment time, demands zero upfront cost, increases operational scalability, and gives the flexibility to communicate from anywhere, anytime.

Powering 7000+ Businesses in 60+ countries

Why do you need a cloud contact center solution?

Effective CX

Whether the customer contacts you on Twitter or through the toll-free number, they can have continuity of the conversation. This makes it easier for agents to resolve queries and for customers to get them resolved.

Better agent productivity

Your agents no longer need to switch between different screens and apps to get the information they need. This saves them time, which they can use to focus on engaging with the customer.

360-degree analytics

With a virtual contact center solution, you can get advanced analytics for all your communication channels, measuring business KPIs effectively.

On-demand scalability

As your business grows, your cloud-based contact center solution can grow with it. Without investing in new infrastructure, network or devices, you can scale effortlessly.

Benefits of
cloud contact center

Accommodate changing business needs without additional cost

Cloud contact centers can easily scale up or down to accommodate changing business needs. They offer flexibility in adding or removing agents, lines, and features without the need for costly infrastructure changes.


Reduce operational cost by eliminating the heavy communication infrastructure

Cloud-based contact centers eliminate the need for expensive hardware installations and maintenance. By leveraging the cloud, businesses can reduce upfront costs and pay only for the resources they use, resulting in significant cost savings.


Earn customers’ trust with reliable communication experience

It provides built-in redundancy and failover mechanisms, ensuring high availability and uninterrupted service even during outages. This helps maintain customer satisfaction by minimizing communication disruptions.


Deliver seamless customer experiences across channels

Seamlessly integrate various communication channels such as voice, email, chat, social media, and SMS. This enables businesses to offer a consistent and integrated omni-channel customer experience.


Be available for customers when they need you

With cloud contact centers, agents can work from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows businesses to tap into a larger pool of talent, maximize productivity, and offer around-the-clock customer support.

Make contact centre operations efficient with right data

Cloud-based contact center provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Businesses can gain insights into agent performance, customer satisfaction, call volume, and other important metrics to optimize operations and make data-driven decisions.


What features does a cloud contact center solution have?


Omnichannel Solution

Manage SMS, WhatsApp, voice calls, video conferencing and more from one interface.


Complex Integrations

From messaging apps like WhatsApp to various CRM/helpdesk software, integrate all your channels into one interface.


Multi-level IVR

Personalise your welcome message, and route the customer to the right agent seamlessly.


Automated Calls and SMS

Streamline your process and save agent time with automated SMS, pre-recorded calls, and auto-dialers.


Call Recording

Automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls, whether you need them for training or conflict resolution.


Drag-and-drop IVR Builder

Build your call flow, set up voicemail, custom greetings etc., without needing a developer.

Why choose
Ameyo by Exotel as your cloud contact center solution?


Reliable Cloud Network with 99.99% Uptime: Get top-notch connectivity with Exotel's solution, backup routes, and flexible infrastructure, ensuring 99.99% uptime for over 40 million daily calls, far surpassing traditional providers.


High Data Privacy & Security: Protect your business and data from security breaches by implementing enterprise-level security measures compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI-DSS, VAPT, and GDPR standards.


100% Compliant Virtual Telecom Operator: Experience India's only ULVNO-licensed operator, Exotel, for a versatile, cost-effective, and compliant internet calling solution, offering cloud-based software, infrastructure, bots, and telecom lines.


Round-the-clock infra monitoring: A dedicated team constantly monitors the infrastructure to ensure your business operations remain uninterrupted.


Single Vendor. Single SLA: Say goodbye to dependence on third-party providers. Consolidate all your communication channels, including calls, videos, SMS, WhatsApp, and conversational AI bots, with a single vendor directly from your browser.



Endless possibilities with quick integration: Enhance your communication seamlessly across all your preferred applications using both pre-built and customized plugins integrated with CRM, Helpdesk, and other custom apps.


Why your Business Needs a Cloud Contact Center?

Learn how cloud contact center works and how you can benefit from it in this video.


The Exotel Advantage

Superior Quality

Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency

Scale at Ease

Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure

Best Support

24×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter

Simple to implement

Sign up and get started in less than 30 minutes, integrate easily using our REST APIs

Extensive Reporting

Easy to understand, detailed reports sent every day

Highly Secure

ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system



An on-premises contact center is built and operated within an organization's own physical infrastructure, while a cloud contact center runs on a cloud-based platform. and provide greater scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiencies.

Cloud-based contact centers enable businesses to offer a consistent, reliable, and integrated customer experience across multiple communication channels. They provide advanced analytics and reporting, real-time monitoring, and streamlined workflows, leading to increased agent productivity and faster problem resolution.

Setting up a cloud contact center requires selecting a cloud contact center solution, choosing the desired features, selecting suitable hardware, configuring integrations, and training agents and supervisors to use the platform effectively. Connect with us get more information.

While choosing a cloud contact center solution, businesses should consider factors such as scalability, flexibility, reliability, security, ease of use, ability to integrate with various communication channels, advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, and level of customer support. Schedule a demo of the Exotel cloud contact center solution.

Our plans are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and can be scaled up as your business grows. Get in touch with us and our sales representative will answer any questions you have and walk you through our solution in action

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