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WhatsApp for eCommerce: Usecases & Solution

whatsapp for ecommerce
  • May 24, 2024
  • 3 mins read

In the competitive e-commerce industry, staying ahead requires leveraging cutting-edge communication tools. Enter WhatsApp – a powerful platform that holds the key to unlocking unprecedented growth. WhatsApp is a well-known messaging app that more than 2 billion people use, making it an excellent channel for connecting with customers and driving sales. This blog delves into the key areas where WhatsApp for e-commerce can be used to propel the growth of businesses.

Use Cases of WhatsApp for E-commerce

The following points illustrate the different roles that WhatsApp can play for e-commerce firms. The ultimate result is accelerated business growth and higher customer satisfaction levels:

use cases of whatsapp for ecommerce

(i) Customer Support

E-commerce businesses can use WhatsApp as a customer support channel. They can provide real-time assistance to customers round-the-clock, answer queries, and address concerns promptly. Moreover, they can utilize WhatsApp business for e-commerce to automate responses, enabling them to handle a larger volume of inquiries as the business expands.

(ii) Personalized Communication

Modern-day customers want to feel valued and prefer personalized interactions. Businesses can meet this customer expectation by leveraging the personal nature of WhatsApp. They can send personalized messages, product recommendations, and exclusive offers to individual customers. The usage of customer data to tailor messages can provide a more relevant shopping experience to a diverse set of audience.

(iii) Order Updates and Notifications

This use case is particularly significant for newer e-commerce websites, which may not enjoy a high level of customer trust. Using WhatsApp to send regular order updates can help earn customer confidence and improve their satisfaction levels. E-commerce firms can also allow customers to track their orders directly through WhatsApp.

(iv) Product Catalog Integration

WhatsApp for e-commerce allows customers to complete the entire transaction on one app without needing to shift platforms. This can be done by integrating the product catalog with WhatsApp Business. Customers can then browse products, view prices, and make purchases directly within the WhatsApp interface.

(v) Automated Reminders and Alerts

Firms can not only use WhatsApp to support customers but can also convert leads. They can set up automated reminders for abandoned carts, product restocks, or special promotions to re-engage customers and encourage them to make a purchase. For instance, sending alerts about limited-time offers can create a sense of urgency and nudge previous website visitors to place an order.

(vi) Feedback and Reviews

Collecting feedback is essential to show customers that they are valued and to make constant improvements. Businesses can use WhatsApp to request feedback and reviews from customers. Customers can also share testimonials that can be used for marketing purposes. Positive reviews can contribute to the brand’s credibility.

(vii) WhatsApp Business Groups

E-commerce businesses can also create WhatsApp Business Groups to build a community around their brand. They can use such groups to share updates and exclusive content, run special contests, and gather valuable feedback from their customer community. This ultimately fosters a sense of belonging among customers and improves loyalty.

(viii) WhatsApp Status for Promotions

WhatsApp Status is another interesting feature that holds potential for customer engagement. Businesses can use WhatsApp Status to showcase new products, promotions, and behind-the-scenes content. Through this feature, they can reach a wide audience within their contact list.

(ix) QR Codes for Easy Access

Businesses can also use WhatsApp QR codes to make it easy for customers to reach them. Customers can simply scan the code and start a conversation with the business. These QR codes can be placed on the official website, packaging, or marketing materials for easy access.

(x) Analytics and Measurement

WhatsApp Business API comes with powerful analytics that can help track the performance of marketing campaigns. Businesses can analyze metrics such as message delivery, open rates, and customer engagement to refine their strategies.

Exotel’s WhatsApp Stack- The One-Stop Solution for Businesses

The above points make it clear that e-commerce firms can’t afford to not be on WhatsApp. But the question arises- how can businesses access the most comprehensive WhatsApp stack in the market? Exotel is the answer!

Exotel’s WhatsApp Business Solution is a one-stop solution for all business needs. Whether it is customer onboarding, running marketing campaigns, creating an e-commerce storefront, or delivering instant support with AI chatbots, our WhatsApp APIs can assist businesses through each step of the customer journey.

That’s not it! Our platform also allows e-commerce customers to make instant and secure payments within WhatsApp. This significantly enhances convenience and has a positive impact on conversions.

Moreover, businesses can improve lead generation by creating customized user journeys with our WhatsApp Flowbuilder solution. The Flowbuilder improves user experience and reduces customer dropouts by simplifying form-based conversations. In addition to lead generation, this solution serves various use cases like appointment bookings, registrations, sign-ups, and customer support.

Get in touch with us to enjoy these benefits and learn more about our modern WhatsApp suite. 

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