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11 Ways How AI Chatbot Enhances CX At E-commerce Stores

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  • May 8, 2024
  • 3 mins read

AI Chatbot, a technology that mimics human-like interactions between computers and users, has reshaped customer engagement in e-commerce. Leveraging technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and speech recognition, AI Chatbot in e-commerce has become a powerful tool for elevating customer experience (CX). According to Gartner, or chatbots are expected to be the primary customer service channel by 2027. 

The following points emphasize the pivotal role of AI Chatbot in improving CX at e-commerce platforms:

Providing 24/7 Customer Support

AI Chatbot enables e-commerce stores to offer round-the-clock customer support, in line with the expectations of over 50% of customers. This continuous availability ensures that businesses can address customer queries at any time, fostering a sense of reliability and responsiveness.

Simplifying Customer Acquisition

AI powered Chatbot in e-commerce can engage with website visitors and guide them through the purchase journey. For instance, a chatbot can ask qualifying questions, understand customer preferences, and recommend products tailored to individual needs. In fact, 42% of customers appreciate such AI-driven product recommendations. This personal touch increases the chances of conversion and contributes to a positive customer experience. 

Enabling Real-Time Interaction

Studies indicate that 69% of customers prefer chatbots for receiving prompt responses. As AI chatbots have superior processing speeds, they enable instant responses based on past interactions. The use of AI for e-commerce operations thus leads to smoother and more efficient real-time interactions. 

Facilitating Seamless Navigation

AI Chatbot assists customers in navigating e-commerce platforms seamlessly, leading to a better user experience. 52% of consumers are interested in AI that helps them through product, website, and feature experiences. Chatbots cater to such customers by providing guided assistance and intuitive search functionalities.

Providing Enhanced Product Information

AI Chatbot empowers customers to obtain detailed product information, specifications, and comparisons, fostering more informed purchasing decisions. This access to information builds trust and has been reported to increase sales by an average of 67%.

Tracking Orders and Providing Updates

Customers can utilize AI Chatbot to track orders and receive real-time updates on delivery status. This transparency reduces customer anxiety, especially in the case of new websites. The end result? Improved customer trust and loyalty!

Efficiently Resolving Issues

AI Chatbotcontributes to faster resolutions and improved customer satisfaction by identifying and resolving customer issues swiftly. As a result, a remarkable 80% of consumers who engage with a chatbot report positive experiences.

Integrating Payment Support

Integration of AI powered Chatbot with secure payment gateways enables customers to make purchases seamlessly without leaving the conversation. As customers don’t have to switch between apps, the shopping experience becomes more convenient.

Collecting and Analyzing Feedback

AI Chatbot facilitates the collection of customer feedback and sentiments. Through such feedback, businesses are able to better gauge customer preferences and suggestions. Such valuable insights can serve as the basis for enhancing products and services and building a culture of constant improvement. 

Offering Multilingual Support

AI Chatbot e-commerce can offer customer support in multiple languages. This is especially useful in a diverse country such as India. E-commerce stores can use multilingual AI Chatbot to enhance accessibility and inclusivity as well as widen the audience base of their products.

Ensuring Omnichannel Experience

AI Chatbot allows for a seamless and integrated experience across various messaging platforms, including website chat, social media messaging, and messaging apps. This omnichannel approach enhances customer convenience and helps the support team by centralizing interactions.

AI Chatbot in e-commerce has not only transformed how businesses interact with their customers but has also elevated customer service standards in the digital marketplace. E-commerce stores can now cater to customer needs more efficiently than ever before. 

As e-commerce continues to expand, integrating AI Chatbot from reliable partners like Exotel can help provide exceptional customer experiences and stay ahead in the competitive market. Exotel’s AI-powered Chatbot offers the following features:

  • Live chat for human touch
  • 100+ language support
  • Omnichannel capabilities across 14 channels
  • Seamless agent-bot transfers
  • Sentiment & speech analytics

These features have helped revolutionize the last-mile operations of leading e-commerce players like Ekart, simplifying the interactions between delivery agents and customers. Learn more about Exotel’s AI Chatbot solution and replicate the successes of industry leaders. 

Shambhavi Sinha

Shambhavi Sinha is an SEO expert at Exotel with a passion for writing about technology. With a keen interest in the latest trends in contact centers and artificial intelligence, Shambhavi aims to empower users by sharing insightful and up-to-date knowledge. Her expertise in SEO and her dedication to educating her audience make her a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed about the evolving landscape of tech in customer service and beyond.

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