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Exotel launches Ameyo XTRM – Specifically Built for Enterprises

  • February 28, 2023
  • 3 mins read

Ameyo introduces an all-new Omnichannel Contact Center Software that is specifically designed for enterprises. It is named Ameyo XTRM by Exotel. The software is based on a truecloud model which means it will only be available for cloud deployments – public, private, and hybrid. It is more scalable, reliable and comes with stronger and advanced omnichannel capabilities while also backed-up with super-intelligent chatbots. 

Even Gartner suggests all these as critical capabilities of an advanced contact center solution on cloud.

Further, the solution is UL-VNO Licensed which makes it a one-stop solution for  customer engagement platform and telco services. Essentially, this amazing solution offers complete customer engagement on the cloud with licensed VoIP solutions which can apparently save 40% of your operational costs.

Here is a complete breakdown of what Ameyo XTRM by Exotel is capable of:

A more scalable omnichannel contact center software

Have you ever struggled with managing a large number of users in your contact center? Well, the good news is that Ameyo’s new cloud contact center software has got you covered! 

The new software is highly scalable and can handle a huge number of users without any problems. The new Contact Center is built on a strong architecture that can handle up to 20,000 users for voice calls.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and scalable contact center solution, Ameyo is definitely worth considering. With this software, you can be sure that your business will run smoothly, and your customers will receive the best possible service.

Horizontal architecture that makes contact center more reliable

The new contact center has a horizontal scaled architecture which adds to the reliability factor while promising an uptime of 99.5%. Additionally, a new portal for customer self service has recently been launched by the company to empower self-service around commonly asked questions. With this, AI-based customer assistance is also a major highlight of the software which ultimately ensures faster SLAs and improved customer experience.

An AI-Ready platform that delivers exceptional Customer Experience

Ameyo Contact Center is powered by intelligent chatbots and this is what makes the solution way more powerful and advanced. AI-driven Cloud Contact Center Software is one of the key drivers of future-proof CX. A comprehensive CCaaS solution that gives a granular view of analytics in real-time is now powered with Artifical Intelligence to enhance your customer experience and add to your CSAT with faster ever SLAs.

Omnichannel communication across platforms

The new software encapsulates all the customer communication channels in one place, tightly integrated. Think of any digital touchpoint – email, social media, sms, instant messaging, video, or anything, Ameyo Omni Contact Center has got them all. With its CAF (Channel Addition Framework), Ameyo enables you to get any channel of your preference integrated. So now you can be everywhere your customers are, let them reach out to you by any channel they prefer.

Additionally, when you go omnichannel you save a lot of time and add to a dramatically improved productivity of your users. For instance, if your user is engaged in a customer communication via voice channel, they’ll only be able to communicate with one user at a time. However, with an omnichannel solution in place, they can communicate with multiple customers reaching out via multiple channels and all these conversations can be viewed and taken care of instantly in one place via Unified Agent Desktop with Ameyo. 

So no more toggling between screens and no more time wasted and atleast 5x improvement in user productivity. 

If you are still using one channel for you customer communication then going omnichannel can be the stepping stone to deliver the customer experience that your customers expect. 

With this, this new offering has a lot to offer you, irrespective of your industry. And yes, the software is compliant to ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI-DSS which eradicates all your security apprehensions.

All in all, Ameyo XTRM by Exotel is a solid new way to manage your customers and is definitely the only contact center software you’ll need to power up your CX game. 

Find out more about the contact center, here.

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