A day dedicated to sports – EXOlympics is here!

August 17, 2017

With each passing year at Exotel, I see more and more sports enthusiasts within the company. Some love to watch, some love to play, and some others are a combination of the two. Playing a sport is a great way to build an environment of trust and helps us have fun outside of just work. And what better way to bond than over some sweat, blood and tears.

To involve the entire company, this year, we decide to have our very own day, dedicated to sports. Friday, 18th of August will mark the inception of our very first (annual) #EXOlympics. From CXOs to freshers, we’ve decided to dedicate this day to purely having fun keeping a good competitive spirit, mutually connected by our love for sports, separated only by our captains’ choices. After a battle of wits, strategically selecting players via a bidding system, we’ve divided the whole company into 4 teams. From cool rules to even cooler team names (really, you HAVE to see them), we’ve managed to find more enthu cutlets than we imagined possible.

Our excitement is building up as the day nears and we hope to see some crazy sportsmanship in the field.

Good luck to all the teams! 😀 Let the games begin!

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