Ensuring high availability as you scale

Building scalable technology has never been a problem. Companies do it all the time and frankly, they do it quite well. Being highly available while scaling that’s an area of concern we’ve seen quite often. 
Having been the CTO of Exotel since its inception, I’ve literally seen our technology through all our phases. In my recent webinar in collaboration with Techgig, I’ve elucidated some problems we faced through our journey, in the hope that our mistakes will help you learn the Do’s and Don’ts of scaling. I’ve focused on scalable architectures, various types of downtimes and how to handle them, the techniques for prevention of downtimes and the importance of loose coupling. 
So please do watch the video below and share with us some of the stuff you’ve learnt along your journey. If you have any questions for me, I’d be happy to answer them. All thoughts are welcome 🙂

2017-05-25 15.01 Scalable Architecture from Techgig on Vimeo.

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