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ChatGPT-4o: Context understanding stands out for us!

  • May 15, 2024
  • 2 mins read

The internet is abuzz with OpenAI’s newest and most advanced model: ChatGPT-4o and so are we. As you know, Exotel is one of the leading providers of Voice infrastruture powering most of the voicebots behind the scenes in India and many parts of Emerging Asia. A number of ideas are swimming in our minds, especially with context for Voicebots and I wanted to share them with our customers.

Firstly, a few lines on ChatGPT 4-Omni model in the context of voicebots:

  1. Enhanced Contextual Understanding:
    • Feature: The model has a superior ability to understand and maintain context over extended conversations.
    • Impact for Voicebots: This leads to more coherent and natural interactions, making users feel like they are conversing with a human rather than a machine.
  2. Improved Multilingual Support:
    • Feature: ChatGPT 4o can understand and generate text in multiple languages with greater accuracy.
    • Impact for Voicebots: This allows voicebots to cater to a global audience, providing support and engaging with users in their native languages.
  • Better Handling of Complex Instructions:
    • Feature: The model can interpret and respond to more complex and nuanced instructions.
    • Impact for Voicebots: This enables voicebots to perform more sophisticated tasks and respond to intricate queries, enhancing their utility and effectiveness.
  • Increased Alignment with User Intent:
    • Feature: ChatGPT 4o is designed to better understand and align with the user’s intent.
    • Impact for Voicebots: This ensures that responses are more relevant and helpful, improving user satisfaction and the overall experience.
  • Larger Knowledge Base:
    • Feature: The model has been trained on a broader and more diverse dataset.
    • Impact for Voicebots: This enhances the voicebot’s ability to provide accurate information and answers across a wider range of topics, making it a more reliable source of assistance.

Contextual understanding is particularly exciting because we believe that Conversational context is the difference between an average voice bot and an interactice voice agent that actually solves cusomers problems and maintains or even improves CX. Exotel is putting it’s weight behind Conversational context. We are currently in convesations with half a dozen of our customers to pull in all the voice and text data that flows through our channels and make it available to anyone in the company as context. No where else is this more useful than the contact center itself – but it has far reaching consequence with the way a marketer performs their campaigns or how a sales agent approaches their client.

This takes us one more step closer towards a fully automated customer engagement platform. If you would like to try ChatGPT-4o for your voicebot on our most reliable voice platform along with enhanced context, send us a shout out!



Shivku is a technology entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Exotel, the leading Connected Conversation Platform. Through his visionary leadership, Exotel has achieved several milestones, including securing $100 million in funding, merging with Ameyo, and acquiring Cogno AI. Apart from his entrepreneurial endeavors, Shivku is also a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in exploring the latest developments in the field.

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