From Hype to Reality: How Businesses Can Gain a Competitive Edge with GenAI

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    Imagine a world where your workloads are reduced by 40%, sales are boosted by 25%, and collections are improved by 20%. These are not just dreams, but achievable outcomes with the power of Generative AI.

    This exclusive webinar will take you on a journey through the impacts of Generative AI on businesses across diverse industries. Explore key aspects that are crucial for business success: Better Return on Investment (ROI), Improved Operational Efficiency, and Enhanced Customer Experience (CX).


    Sahil Rajput

    Lead Product Management


    Sahil Gandhi

    Director - Contact Center


    Shashank Shrivastava

    Senior Engineer Leader- GenAI & MLOps


    In this webinar, we’ll showcase the live demos of:


    The Gen AI-Powered Voice Assistant- Understands human conversations well, offering context-aware and emotionally atuned responses in multiple languages.


    AI-Powered Chatbot - Capable of delivering human-like conversations, learning, and adapting to users’ needs for precise, empathetic engagements.


    AI-powered Insights - Easy and powerful language processing tool, making complex machine learning operations straightforward and effective


    AI-powered APIs - Simplify complex workflows, making automation accessible and efficient.

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