Ensure no calls go missed by parallelly ringing all the agents at the same time.

What is Parallel Ringing?

As the name suggests, parallel ringing or simultaneous ringing enables businesses to automatically redirect incoming calls to all the agents at the same time. This ensures quicker response as the customer will always find an agent to talk to, thereby improving the customer experience. Once an agent answers the call, the other phones will automatically stop ringing. This is beneficial especially for businesses with a customer facing team.

How It Works

Customer dials customer facing number

The customer dials the number mentioned on the website/app

Exotel triggers parallel ringing

All the agent phones in the parallel ringing list begin to ring

One of the agents answers the call

The simultaneous ringing stops once any agent on the list answers the call

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Advantages of Parallel Ringing

Quicker response time

Parallel ringing helps cut call queues and call waiting and helps agents in quick resolution of tickets/issues.

No busy dial tone for callers

You can be assured the customer will be answered by an agent without waiting in the call queue for a long time.

Never miss an important call

For business owners whose entire business operation depends upon lead conversions through phone communication, parallel ringing enables them to have a control over all the leads.

Enhanced customer experience

Your customer can reach you at any time (excluding off hours) and will always find someone to talk to which is good for maintaining the brand value and improves customer experience.

Simplified calling

When a customer calls, all the phones added in the parallel ring group will ring simultaneously until one of the agents answers the call. This is as simple as it can get.

Customer Experiences That Speak Volumes

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