Phone Numbers as Digital Identifiers

Phone numbers have evolved from simple communication tools to key digital identifiers, central to online interactions. Their protection is essential, guarding against privacy breaches in our interconnected reality.

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Exotel Defends the Digital Identity of India Adapting to the DPDP Bill 2023

In the era of the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill 2023, safeguarding phone numbers has become crucial for digital identity and data dignity, demanding vigilant privacy practices from individuals and businesses alike.

Exotel's Customer Data Privacy Blueprint

Elevate customer privacy to new heights, employing a triad strategy of anonymization, encryption, and data localization to align with the DPDP Bill 2023.


Through Exotel's secure system, every call made masks the true phone numbers of the involved parties, utilizing Virtual Numbers from our protected inventory for ensured privacy.


Data Encryption and Role-Based Access

Our robust encryption shields customer data at all times, providing an extra layer of privacy.

Data Localization

Compliance with data localization norms, ensuring all customer data is securely stored within India's jurisdiction.


Secure Customer Communication: Exotel's Tailored Data Privacy Integrations and Robust Protection Features

CRM Data Privacy Integration: Streamlining Customer Interactions with Built-in Privacy

Integrate privacy features directly into your CRM, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced security during customer interactions.


Empower Callers with Self-Initiated Privacy Controls

A solution where privacy is initiated by the caller, adding an extra layer of security and control to every interaction.


Secure Communications with PIN Verification

Enhance security with a PIN-based system, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and initiate secure communications.


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How businesses use the
Customer Data Privacy Solution?


Streamline Your Marketplace Communications with Exotel's Tailored Solution

Exotel ensures that every lead is tracked and every conversation stays on-platform, providing marketplace vendors and buyers with an unparalleled solution for managing interactions seamlessly and securely.


Secure Last-Mile Delivery Communications with Exotel's Customer Data Privacy Solution

Exotel's Data Privacy solution empowers delivery agents to contact customers directly while safeguarding personal contact details, ensuring a seamless and secure last-mile delivery experience.


Enhancing Data Privacy in Transit: Exotel's Solution for Driver-Customer Communication

With Exotel's Customer Data Privacy solution, customer information remains confidential, shielding personal details from drivers and mitigating the risk of sensitive data misuse.

Benefits: Exotel safeguards customer data, ensuring privacy and compliance, helps build trust and strengthen brand loyalty.

Cultivating Trust

Fortify the confidentiality of customer data with Exotel, nurturing enhanced trust and confidence among your users.

Assured Compliance

Align seamlessly with stringent data privacy laws and localization mandates, averting the threat of regulatory penalties.

Robust Protection

Prevent the perils of data leakage and theft with our state-of-the-art privacy measures, keeping your customer's information safe.


Loyalty Amplified

Showcase your unwavering commitment to data privacy with Exotel, solidifying brand loyalty and elevating your market reputation.

The Exotel Advantage

Tailored Solutions

Customized to fit diverse business needs, ensuring a custom-fit approach aligned with specific requirements and operational flow.

Expert Guidance

Receive personalized advice from our team, ensuring the implementation aligns with your business’s unique needs and operational nuances.

Privacy Assurance

Meticulously anonymizing communications and ensuring the concealment of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for seamless, trusted interactions.


Advanced Encryption and Role-Based Access

Ensures elite data protection in storage and transfer, backed by ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS certifications, with strict access to authorized personnel.


Data Localization Guarantee

Upholds India's data storage regulations, ensuring compliance and enhanced privacy for trusted in-country data handling

Enterprise-Grade Data Protection

Only Exotel provides a dual shield of security, meticulously designed to protect phone numbers in both digital and voice communications, upholding privacy.


Customer Experiences That Speak Volumes


Exotel's Customer Data Privacy solution serves as a robust method for businesses to protect their customers' identities and prevent the misuse of sensitive information. This is achieved through anonymization, ensuring that customer phone numbers remain confidential. With this solution, two parties can connect without revealing their actual phone numbers. Instead, a Virtual Number from Exotel's inventory is used, associated with the transaction between these parties.

Exotel provides multiple approaches to implement data privacy, tailoring the solution to your specific business needs, call flow logic, and platform. Our team offers guidance on selecting the most suitable method for your unique scenario. Some of the implementation options include:

  • Customer Data Privacy in CRM
  • Caller-Initiated Privacy
  • Pin-Based Privacy

To explain this let's take the example of a food delivery company. Whenever a customer places an order, Exotel’s Voice API assigns a temporary virtual number for the transaction and the delivery agent gets a click-to-call button in his/her app.

As soon as the delivery agent clicks on the call button, the temporary virtual number calls the customer’s number, and thus, the delivery agent gets connected.

This way, as the temporary virtual number acts as a bridge between the two, both the delivery agent and the customer cannot see each other’s real phone numbers.

Following are some of the popular use-cases:

Cab aggregators: Connect drivers and riders without revealing the rider’s phone number.

E-commerce, Logistics, and Food Delivery: Connect delivery agent and customer without revealing either party’s phone numbers.

BFSI: Connect relationship managers and customers while protecting their privacy.

The Phone Number Privacy solution makes use of 2 call legs to connect the caller and the callee. Therefore, a 2 call-leg price will be applicable here. Also, you need to buy a pool of virtual numbers and an API from our platform to implement this solution.

To get complete information on pricing (and volume-based discounts), please contact our sales team. Alternatively, you can also try our number masking solution free for 15-days by registering here (No credit card required).

In the modern world, securing personal data has become crucial due to the rise in digital interactions. India's introduction of the Data Protection Bill (DPDP) underscores this need. Under DPDP, companies handling the personal data of Indians are required to follow strict rules to ensure data privacy and security. It’s a significant step that makes data protection a core aspect of business operations in the country, ensuring every piece of personal information is treated with utmost care and respect.

This is important for BFSI, E‐commerce, Logistics, Cabs on-demand, and Marketplace models of business. These are verticals where the customer’s phone number needs to be shared with the delivery person, a driver, a vendor, etc.

Therefore, in order to safeguard both the customers’ as well as the agents’ privacy, implementing this solution is a must.

Additionally, a big plus point for the businesses is that all the conversations will happen only on their platform, and they get complete control over the call data.

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