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How does it work?

Find out how Exotel’s Small Business Phone System works and how you can use it in this video

Why do small businesses need a cloud phone system?


Small businesses and startups have limited resources. This means that they need to make several compromises and make do with what they have. However, one area in which they can’t afford to compromise is customer experience, as it directly impacts their bottomline. That’s why small businesses need to use a cloud phone system.

Virtual call center software for businesses
Virtual call center

A cloud phone system like Exotel allows small businesses to sound professional and manage customer calls efficiently via features like IVR, call routing, etc. It helps you improve customer experience significantly, which in turn improves your brand’s image. The best part is that it’s affordable, easy to set up and can be scaled up as you grow your business. Exotel also has attractive offers for startups that make it easier for you to leverage cloud telephony.

How Exotel’s phone system works


Customer facing number

Have a single number that your customers can reach out to you on. This number needs to be easy to remember and used in all your collaterals.


Get a virtual number

Get a virtual number (Exophone) from Exotel. Divert calls from your customer-facing number to your virtual number.


Personalize the call flow in the dashboard

Improve your caller experience by creating an IVR greeting and customizing the call flow.


Divert calls to the right agents

Calls can be routed to the right agents with our automatic call distributor feature.


Benefits of using our Phone System for your Business


Exotel enables your agents to work from home seamlessly.

No Infrastructure required

All you need to get started is a phone. Exotel takes care of everything else.


With Exotel, you can scale at will and pay as you go.

Easy to use

You don’t need a technician to use Exotel – anyone can set up a call flow in minutes.


With best-in-class uptimes of 99.94%, you don’t need to worry about call drops.

How companies worldwide use our business telephone system

Businesses across industries use our cloud telephony system in multiple ways. Here’s a glimpse of a few scenarios



Smart IVR

Give your customers a seamless experience every time they call you.


Auto Dialer

Streamline your calling process with our auto dialer software. Remove the need for manual dialing, and get more done in less time.


Automated Calls & SMS

Make automated IVR calls to track marketing ROI, collect customer feedback, confirm COD orders, etc.


Call Analytics

Get detailed analytics on all the campaigns you run with information on the status of each call and SMS.


Call Recording

Record your customer calls and monitor them for better customer dispute resolution. Make data-driven decisions to offer a great customer experience.


Conditional Call Routing

Route your customer calls based on conditions like the time of the day, the geography of the customer, or for the repeat callers.


Live Call Transfer

Transfer calls to the right agents contextually and instantly with a click of a button.


Missed Call Services

Ask your clients to give a missed call to a number and customize the response to suit your business needs. Use our missed call services to expand your business.


Unlimited Channels

With Exotel, you get the facility to make or receive unlimited concurrent calls on the same number. Never miss even a single call from your customers.

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Am I charged per user or per line?

Exotel’s pricing packages are defined based on the number of users, exophones and the number of calls made. Learn more about our pricing here.

How can we set up a small business phone system?

Exotel’s cloud telephony system is a plug and play solution with a wide array of APIs. Moreover, it takes less than an hour to set up, unlike the traditional PBX systems. All you have to do to set it up is add your business phone number to the dashboard, create an IVR flow, add your agents to the dashboard and you can start taking calls. This process doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes, you can retain the existing phone number of your business. Get in touch with us to know more.

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Why should small businesses prefer cloud-based phone systems?

Small businesses prefer cloud-based phone systems as it gives an edge in terms of

  1. Better customer experience

  2. Minimal cost

  3. Activity log with recordings of calls

  4. Integrations with various platforms

  5. Scaling without having to worry about the infrastructure

What devices can I use to make calls?

You can use a mobile phone or a landline to make calls. Reach us to know more about it.

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The Exotel Advantage

Why Exotel is considered as the most reliable cloud communications company in India and Southeast Asia


Highly Secure

ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system


Patented Solutions

Gain competitive advantage from patented products


Superior Quality

Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency


Scale at Ease

Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure


Superior Reliability

Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes


Best Support

24×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter

E-book: Cloud telephony in a Nutshell

If you’re unclear about how cloud telephony can help your business (like hosted EPABX or PBX systems, start here. In this ebook, we talk in detail about the various options businesses are faced when they consider using cloud telephony for their business. And we decode each one of those and help you make a decision that is right for your business.

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