Make it easy for marketing, sales, and support teams to engage with customers throughout their journey. Exotel helps you design a fast, engaging, and human-like conversation for your WhatsApp chatbot that reduces your workload.

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What is a WhatsApp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to stimulate human-like communication between brands and customers via the WhatsApp messaging platform. It can engage in text-based conversations, answer queries, provide information, and perform various tasks, such as sending notifications, processing orders, and offering customer support.

WhatsApp chatbots are valuable tools for businesses and organizations, enabling them to automate communication, enhance customer service, and streamline processes by delivering quick and personalized responses to users' inquiries and requests without waiting in line. A WhatsApp Chatbot can improve your customer service game with automation and artificial intelligence. It's all about making your interactions with a brand more valuable and convenient.

How can WhatsApp Chatbot
Benefit Various Industries?

Enhance customer support with real-time assistance, order tracking, and personalized product recommendations.

Facilitate appointment bookings, medication reminders, and telemedicine consultations for patient convenience.

Securely share financial updates, transaction alerts, and offer secure two-factor authentication.

Improve sales with quick order confirmations, shipping updates, and easy customer inquiries.

Streamline reservations, check-ins, and guest requests for a seamless experience.

Provide educational content, assignment updates, and student support.

Schedule service appointments, offer test drive bookings, and provide vehicle maintenance tips.

Enhance citizen services, disseminate critical information, and streamline administrative processes.

Empower your business at every stage

WhatsApp Chatbot for Marketing - Cast a wider net

- Send personalised promotions, re-engagement messages at scale.

- Nurture upsell opportunities with post-purchase messages, prompts, and loyalty offers

- Engage with warm leads directly as soon as they respond to the promotional messages

WhatsApp Chatbot for Sales - Make the right pitch at the right time

- Reduce lead leakage with immediate responses and automatic ticket creation.

 - Trigger abandoned cart alerts automatically to push the purchase

 - Add a WhatsApp button on the website and PPC ads to convert HQLs faster

WhatsApp Chatbot for Support - Assist with speed, satisfaction, and personalization

- Decrease your TAT with smart, automated & personalized responses.

- Send confirmation, reminders, and post-purchase actions.

- Improve CSAT score with swift agent handover for complex queries.

What makes WhatsApp Chatbot the ultimate choice?

Product Cataloguing

Showcase Your Products on WhatsApp and make it easier for customers to place orders right there.

IVR Call Deflection

Reduce long wait times  and agent pressure by deflecting your incoming calls to WhatsApp and assisting them through chatbot.

Hybrid Chat Support

Seamlessly transfer complexs chats to human agents with Hybrid Chatbot Solution. Use Sentiment Analysis to gauge users’ moods and directly connect them with a live agent.

Verified Business Account

Add legitimacy to your business communication by interacting with customers via a verified business profile.

Rich Media Messaging

Send and receive documents, images, videos, or other files from WhatsApp. Quickly and easily.

Multi-channel integration

Redirect customers to WhatsApp through multiple channels like ads, website, app, links, and more.

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Full Stack WhatsApp Platform

Handle all your customer communication through Exotel’s full-stack platform offering WhatsApp API, contact center, live chat, campaigns, chatbots, and chat commerce support on a single platform.

Launch campaigns at lightning speed

Hit the market with your WhatsApp campaign in no time. Exotel helps you set up your business account and integrate with your favorite applications faster.

Get 24*7 customer support

Business continuity is non-negotiable for you and for us. Get your queries answered faster round the clock with a quick first response time.

Low-code chatbot builder

Create personalized chatbot flows that resonate with you and your customers with little or no knowledge of writing code.

Powerful analytics

Deep dive into user behavior with our comprehensive analytics dashboards. Multiple parameters, like CSAT, Conversion Analytics, etc., provide extensive user insights.

Superior NLP Support

Get access to NLP-powered chatbots that are constantly trained to give you smart, fast, and natural responses to customer queries.

Exotel is a leading Connected Customer
Conversation Platform


A WhatsApp Chatbot uses AI and predefined responses to interact with users, answer queries, and perform tasks, providing a seamless experience.


WhatsApp Chatbots improve efficiency, offer 24/7 support, and personalize interactions, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.


Yes, businesses can create custom WhatsApp Chatbots using platforms like Exotel for various purposes.

WhatsApp Chatbots prioritize security, ensuring data protection and compliance with WhatsApp's policies.


To send broadcasts through a WhatsApp chatbot, you typically use a WhatsApp Business API or a third-party platform that supports this feature. First, create a broadcast list and add relevant contacts. Then, craft your message and send it to the list.

Remember that broadcasts should be non-promotional, and recipients must have opted in to receive them.

WhatsApp chatbots provide omnichannel support by integrating various communication channels like email, SMS, and social media. They centralize customer interactions, ensuring consistent and seamless experiences and streamlining support operations across platforms.

Segmenting broadcast lists involves categorizing your contacts into groups based on specific criteria like demographics, behavior, or preferences. This allows you to send highly targeted messages, increasing customer engagement and relevance while ensuring compliance with WhatsApp's policies.

Built for Enterprises to Win Customers for Life and Scale Business Growth


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