Tailoring Chatbot Search for Unique Use Cases

In today's information-rich world, users need a way to tailor their chatbot's search capabilities to align with specific needs. Traditional data-gathering methods often fall short in precision and relevance.

What is ExoMind Website Crawling?

Our ExoMind-powered Website Crawling feature employs the advanced ChatGPT model to draw comprehensive, accurate information directly from web content, URLs, and various documents, enriching chatbot responses with precise data retrieval.


How It Works: Precision in Data Retrieval

Upload and Train

Users upload documents or add URLs, which are then trained into the bot.


Accurate Identification

The feature efficiently identifies and retrieves data from the specified web links and documents.


Response Generation

Based on user queries, the chatbot displays information extracted from the trained webpages or documents.


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Workflow: Seamless and User-Friendly

Website Crawling Workflow

  • Document/URL Upload: Users can easily upload documents or URLs into the system.
  • Training Process: The system trains to recognize and extract information from these inputs.
  • Status Monitoring: Users can track the training status and manage documents/URLs in the console.
  • Query-Based Retrieval: The bot fetches and displays information from these sources in response to user queries.

Use Cases:
Versatility at Its Best

E-commerce Analysis

Extract data from e-commerce sites for market trend analysis, customer reviews, and product tracking.

Lead Generation

Scrape contact information from directories or social profiles.

Database Building

Gather job listings or company info for client or partner databases.


Market Monitoring

Track price changes, discounts, or promotions on e-commerce sites.

Financial Insights

Extract data from financial websites to monitor commodity and stock price fluctuations.

Internal Use Cases

Utilize data from authenticated websites for tailored internal applications.

Harness Web Data with
Precision and Ease


Utilize advanced AI to extract accurate and relevant information from web content and documents, ensuring high-quality responses.


Adapt the chatbot's search functionality to specific user needs, significantly enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in data gathering.


Benefit from a flexible, cost-effective pricing model that scales with your usage, making it ideal for businesses of any size.

Powering 7000+ Businesses in 60+ countries

Customer Experiences That Speak Volumes

With ExoMind's Website Crawling, step into a new era of data intelligence and make your chatbot a powerhouse of information.



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