Deliver a better in-app calling experience to your users with seamless telco call (PSTN) fallbacks. Built specially for one-to-one calling, our Android/iOS SDKs are lightweight and deliver better audio quality.

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What can you do with In-App Calls?

App-to-app calls, app-to-PSTN calls, or PSTN-to-app calls, you can do it all with Exotel! You can even trigger one-way automated voice calls right to the app (e.g. notifications, alerts, reminders, bulk campaigns). Exotel’s UL VNO license enables you to intermix IP-PSTN calls.

Always connect with PSTN fallbacks

Never lose a customer again to poor connectivity and call drops. Maximise call connectivity rates by intermixing calls over IP and PSTN.

Lower call costs

Cut down your call costs significantly by switching from PSTN to VoIP calls.

Boost customer engagement

Remove friction and enable contextual calling right from your app. Deliver customized dialer screens with your own branding and call context.

Why you Need?

Add Applets

Seamlessly integrate Exotel’s call routing, flows, and IVR-based greetings to your VoIP calls and campaigns.

Integrate easily

Build with lightweight SDKs, well-documented APIs, and a team that will ensure a quick and successful deployment.

Encrypt conversations

Every interaction is encrypted and all the sessions are secure. Customer information remains safe and private. Built with an enterprise-first focus.


Depending on the callee’s network, you can seamlessly switch from App (VoIP) to PSTN. Allow caller to initiate the first leg of “In-App” calls from PSTN as needed.

Yes. Send voice alerts, notifications, reminders, follow-ups, bulk campaigns directly to your customer’s app.

Here is the price breakdown for IP and PSTN calling

(IP +PSTN) 60p (PSTN) 36p (IP)  96 Paisa
d (IP + IP) 36p (IP) 36p (IP) 72 Paisa


Integrate our Android and iOS SDKs to get started!

What you Get?

Superior audio quality

Tested across multiple devices and network conditions, our platform consistently delivers superior latency and jitter metrics.

Battery Friendly

Our SDK activates only during an incoming/outgoing call.


Integrated fallback over PSTN enable superior connectivity


Since all the conversations are contained within the app, they can easily be tracked for all business purposes.

Before vs After

Before :

1. Off platform transactions leading to lead leakage
2. Poor call connectivity rates
3. Difficult to track
4. Poor call pickup rates due to a lack of trust

After In App calling :

1. All calls are initiated and terminated through the app itself
2. IP and PSTN intermixing boosts call connectivity irrespective of the network either party is on
3. Every conversation is tracked and can be analysed
4. Since calls are placed on the app, trust is restored and pickup rates are higher.

Who can use App to App calling? Here’s how in-app calling can be used by different industries

Delivery apps

Connect deliver agents – food, grocery, or 3PL – with your customers