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LiveChat agents often grapple with the time-consuming task of navigating through extensive chat & conversation histories. This not only delays response times, loses context but also burdens supervisors and admins who oversee these conversations. The core challenge lies in efficiently understanding and responding to customer needs without the overhead of combing through every line of past conversations.


How Conversation Summarization Transforms a Dialogue

Expanding on Gen AI capabilities, we present a dynamic function that auto-generates concise, informative summaries of entire conversations and individual sessions. This not only accelerates response times but also provides valuable insights & context at a glance.

Why Choose Chat Summarization?

Contextual Understanding

- For Agents: Quickly grasp the context of each customer conversation, leading to faster and personalized responses.

- For Supervisors and Admins: Effortlessly monitor and manage chat quality and agent performance with summarized insights.



Time Efficiency

Reduces the time agents spend reading through entire chat & conversation histories, allowing for quicker response times to customer inquiries.

Informed Decision-Making

Summaries provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, aiding in more informed decision-making and personalized customer service.


The pricing is based on token consumption, which can be more economical and scalable for businesses, paying only for what they need.


Faster Training for New Agents

New agents can get up to speed more quickly by having access to summarized historical conversations, helping them understand typical customer queries and responses.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Faster and more informed responses lead to improved customer satisfaction, as customers receive prompt and relevant assistance.

Key Features

Conversation Summary

Automatically generated summaries for LiveChat agents based on all past  conversations between the user and the agent/bot.


Session Summary

Post-chat summaries that capture the essence of each session, available to agents, admins, and supervisors

User-Centric Design

Easy activation and seamless integration into the existing LiveChat interface.


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Welcome to the Future of Context Led Conversations.

Transform the way you interact with customers, enhance your team's productivity, and elevate your customer service experience.


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