To Encourage Learning, Exotel Partners with Diya Ghar to Sponsor Montessori Education and Nutritious Food for Migrant Laborers’ Children

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August 3rd, 2022, Bengaluru:

Customer engagement platform Exotel announced their new CSR initiative under the ExoCares program in partnership with Diya Ghar NGO. Exotel sponsors Montessori education and nutritious food for an entire classroom of Diya Ghar’s 2nd center in Munekollal, Bengaluru. This is the NGO’s 17th center in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru is home to about 42 lakh migrant laborers living in squatters in remote locations surrounding the city. Diya Ghar focuses on empowering children in these slum communities with early childhood care when they’re most vulnerable with a lack of basic needs and supervision. The NGO, to date, supported 900 kids and aims to help 5000 kids soon with 100 centers. 

“A Sanskrit phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” translates to thinking of the whole world as one family. We can’t leave behind a few people and continue with our progress. It’s about taking them along, and we want to carry along the entire village and not just us,” commented Shivakumar Ganesan, Co-founder and CEO of Exotel. “We chose Diya Ghar because of the great work they’re doing, and they also embody one of our own values, commitment, where they continue to be committed to uplifting all the children.”

Exotel believes in the concept of giving back to society. Their partnership with Diya Ghar is the 2nd initiative under the ExoCares program. Exotel will soon celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their 1st partnership with Parkirma Foundation sponsoring a kindergarten class with quality food and education. 

Commenting on working with Exotel, Saraswathi Padmanabhan, Director at Diya Ghar commented, “Diya Ghar’s focus is providing early childhood care and education for children of migrant laborers. These children are the most vulnerable and do not have access to Government run preschools. We thank Exotel for supporting our Munnekollal Centre with 40 children! We are grateful to partner with an organization that believes in the importance of early education and believes in taking the joy of learning to every child.”

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