Exotel Launches Generative AI Chatbot Builder Powered by GPT-4

Bengaluru, 05 April 2023:

Exotel, the emerging markets’ leading customer engagement platform, is excited to announce the launch of its new product ExoMind, a user-friendly, no-code tool enabling enterprises to create their own advanced chatbots within minutes. The cloud-based enterprise tool incorporates proprietary AI models and advanced generative AI capabilities to provide personalized customer interactions to brands. The bots have already been deployed by large enterprise customers.

Unlike traditional rule-based chatbots, ExoMind bots will utilize the Large Language Model (LLM) of GPT-4 , generating responses that are highly accurate, natural and well-adapted to the context of the enterprise.

The custom bots can then be deployed across the entire customer lifecycle, from marketing, sales, support and troubleshooting and across channels such as WhatsApp, Web etc.

The bot building process first starts with a business inputting content from their website, documents, database, product catalogs, and other systems of record. The tool can then easily process these vast sets of data to craft industry-specific models based on the domain expertise Exotel has built over the years. With Exotel’s history of powering customer engagement for a variety of sectors like last-mile logistics, mobility, e-commerce and fintech, the bots are highly sculpted to the context and scenario of the brand. 

“Advances in machine learning are growing at an exponential pace and businesses, no matter which industry they’re in, have to employ some form of an AI-based application to stay ahead of the curve. With the future of customer engagement being in the hands of personalized conversational commerce, we are thrilled to be launching our ExoMind to help businesses generate and retain their customer base,” said Shivakumar Ganesan, Co-Founder and CEO, Exotel. “As newer language-learning and even image processing models emerge, we plan on continually harnessing their potential in our product suite, to be at the forefront of the customer engagement space.”

ExoMind will be incorporated into Exotel’s full-stack of customer engagement tools helping brands instantly build chatbots that are capable of handling large volumes of communication. By leveraging the power of LLMs, businesses can reduce the time and effort it takes to create conversational journeys, resulting in faster deployment and more efficient use cases.

About Exotel

Exotel is the emerging market’s leading customer conversation platform and business-focused virtual telecom operator. Exotel has also recently received a virtual telecom operator license in India to offer cost-effective end-to-end VoIP telephony services, making the company a 100% compliant cloud calling operator. Exotel was founded in 2011 and has an impressive cloud-based product suite that drives 70+ million conversations every day for more than 7000 businesses in India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Today, the omnichannel contact center, communication API suite, and conversational AI platform from Exotel help some of the fastest- growing businesses in emerging countries manage their customer engagement.

Exotel has won The ET StartUp Awards 2022 under the Comeback Kid category.

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