Stop wasting your agent's time on dialing numbers. Let advanced dialer do the heavy lifting so your agents can focus on what matters most - serving customers.

Take complete control of your outbound call campaigns

Be smart with your outbound reach. Send calls to the right people at the right time with the right information. Pick numbers starting from 730 and add a Truecaller Verified Business ID to boost your chances of call pickup. Optimize your lead lists and choose the most suitable dialing logic to maximise your reach.

Are low call connect rates andlengthy idle times hindering your business productivity?

Connect with your customers when they are ready to talk. Exotel’s automated dialing logic categorises contacts as their past behavior, detects the best time to call, and ensures agents are equipped with all the right details before getting on the call.

How to improve your business credibility and call pick-up rate?

Auto-dialers integrated with Truecaller boost your call pick-up rate by 40-60%! With the added credibility of Verified Brand Identity, you get more out of each outgoing call

Do you experience low call pickup rates because of a lack of credibility with your business number?

Pick 730 number series (powered by Exotel's data center) to add the credibility, feel and trust of a mobile number and drastically boost your call pick-up rates

Are you worried about efficiently managing and filtering your lead lists for successful outbound calls?

Apply multiple filters and create groups of these filters for any lead list. Choose a dialing strategy that combines multiple contact filters like last retry time, number of attempts, customer type, and dials out prospects accordingly.

Take your outreach to a new high -
with the right dialer

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialers are the perfect fit for businesses that dial vast amounts of calls regularly. Its special predictive algorithm maximizes agents’ productivity by reducing idle time between calls. Also, it automatically detects busy signals, answering machines, and unanswered calls and forwards them to the available agents once the call is connected at the customer end.

Preview Dialer

Make sure your agents have all the necessary info before jumping into a call with a customer. Preview dialer is an asset to ensure that high-quality leads don't fall through the cracks. It gives agents an inside look at who’s next on the call list and helps them prepare beforehand to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialer is a perfect choice if your call center operates on low-volume and high-value lead lists. It dials only when an agent is available so that you don’t waste time creating silent calls.


PACE is more than your typical auto dialer! It's an intelligent tool that helps call centers reach customers at the right time. By segmenting leads based on their past behavior, PACE ensures you get maximum productivity from every outreach effort – meaning better connect rates and greater success for your business.


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Put the power of automated dialers
to use for diverse use cases

Say goodbye to tedious manual entry with Auto Upload Lead Lists

Enjoy effortless auto-upload of dialing lists from any CRM or third-party system and make your sales process faster than ever with Exotel's customer manager API.

Dial all the numbers for a contact in one go with Dial Order

Take the hassle out of dialing multiple numbers by automatically reaching everyone connected with a lead with Dial order. Get greater coverage with fewer efforts.

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