The story of slice, scaling from just 4 to 250 inbound agents with Exotel

  • April 18, 2023
  • 3 mins read

About Slice

slice is a one-stop payment app for all your spending needs. The goal is to make money management simpler & faster for you. They provide an easy & transparent app to help the members transact seamlessly using a card or UPI and manage all their spending in one place. slice has 12Mn+ registered members with an average age of 27, making them a market leader for the Gen-Z and millennials.

We interviewed Manan Manocha, Head of Customer Service, slice and gathered key insights and highlights on their business since using Exotel. Let’s have a look.


Challenges and Solution:

Challenge 1:

Having an Inbound support team

Before Exotel, slice handled customer support activities via mail. A daily average of 3000 emails was tedious as the support volumes increased.

Their agents had to dial in every customer number and call for KYC verification individually before implementing Click-To-Call.

Many people started requesting callbacks from us; they want us to chat with them and call them during the moratorium period where we even enabled missed call services.

This is where slice decided to get a business-specific virtual number to publish across all their collaterals so that customers can reach out for query resolution.

Initially, a team of four members handled inbound calls; however, as the flow increased, six more members were added to the team, plus 24×5 support. We received close to 100 or 200 calls per day. Now we have a team of 250 support agents powering 24×7 support, hitting 4 lakh monthly calls. This transition was smooth, thanks to Exotel.

Challenge 2:

Securing customer engagement

As slice got a VN that served as the face of their customer support, fraudsters began to misuse the brand’s name by reaching out to customers from different numbers claiming to be slice agents.

This is where Exotel’s Truecaller verification came into place. slice agents reached out to customers only through Truecaller verified numbers, ensuring a secure conversation with customers.

We opted for Truecaller verification from Exotel. Which not only solved fraud issues but also helped our overall pickup rate

In addition to secure customer engagement, Exotel’s dashboards have access limitations that can be set by the owner.

Exotel helped maintain internal security regarding sharing dashboards and reports. Few reports are made accessible specific to teams or members so that security is maintained. In addition, we also have 2-factor authentication, so security isn’t a concern when it comes to Exotel.

Challenge 3:

Moderating inbound calls without IVR

slice faced difficulties sorting the customers’ language and routing the call to the right agents. And as the company grew, it also wanted to solve FAQ queries via IVR call flow.

Initially, we hired 40 multilingual agents and set up an IVR where it routes the customer to the agents for their preferred language.

As a part of it, when customers couldn’t reach agents or when agents weren’t able to get back, Exotel enabled a static SMS communication about a callback.

slice brought in language choosing IVR first, and then implemented L1 queries resolution via IVR, for example, app-related issues, profile-related issues, card issues, etc. This helped us cut costs on agents and improve productivity.

Challenge 4:

One-place dashboard management

Initially, slice took Exotel’s service just for KYC calls, where agents can reach customers with a click of a button as Exotel enables integration with most CRMs in the market.

We integrated our CRM with Exotel’s dashboard and have been using the Click to Call all feature for KYC for the past 2 years.

To sum up, slice has extended the usage of Exotel’s feature set by switching to Ameyo’s Enterprise Contact Centre to align with their inbound growth trajectory.

In addition, slice has decided to use UL VNO and IP PST intermixing for their business which signifies end-to-end customer engagement from anywhere and on any device.

The best things about Exotel are – Click to Call for KYC, IVR campaign, App Bazaar, Lite dashboard which specifically showcases call flow monitoring, agent performance monitoring, reporting, easy to set up and to top it, the support from the account manager.