Full Stack WhatsApp Business Platform

Get access to WhatsApp API, contact center, live chat, chatbots, and chat commerce capabilities – all on a single platform. A scalable and reliable solution to reduce service costs and improve CX.

99.95% Uptime | 24*7 Customer Support | 40% Increase in CSAT

    Driving Growth with Exotel’s WhatsApp Business Platform

    Reduce operational costs

    Do more with less. With WhatsApp for business, you can reduce the number of agents required to run your call centre by resolving simple queries with WhatsApp live chat and bots.

    Improve CSAT/LTV Score

    Answer all customer queries without fail. Set up automated responses to resolve basic and enable seamless bot <> agent handovers to reduce response time and increase satisfaction.

    Get 24*7 Customer Support

    Business continuity is non-negotiable for you and for us. Get your queries answered faster round the clock with a first response time of fewer than 30 minutes.

    Deploy in No Time

    Deploy your WhatsApp for Business and integrate with your applications in no time with dedicated onboarding support and a customer experience team every step of the way.

    Offer contextual CX beyond WhatsApp

    Extend your conversations by integrating WhatsApp with other channels for connected and contextual customer experiences.

    Built for Enterprises to Win Customers for Life and Scale Business Growth.


    Lower acquisition cost


    Customers self-serve with Chatbot


     Faster resolution of customer queries


     Reduction in agent handling time

    Empowering Customer-facing Teams to
    Deliver Personalised Experiences

      Connect with customers from the first contact and drive ROI, lead conversion, and customer retention.

    • Send out proactive notifications to build intrigue and push for a purchase
    • Share custom notifications and offers to shoppers on WhatsApp, and increase your purchase probability by 1.7x
    • Run multiple types of personalized campaigns to drive more business across customer journeys. Eg. Abandoned cart follow-up, Price drop alerts, and Welcome coupons. e
    • Send real-time updates to users on their interactions with the business. E.g., Order confirmation, Transit details, etc.

    Build automated and streamlined experiences with a chatbot to drive incremental sales, conversion rates, and average order value.

    • Respond to your leads around the clock to prevent the lead leakage.
    • Set up automated responses and flows to accept customer orders on WhatsApp without any agent intervention.
    • Track and facilitate your customer re-engagement journey through multiple channels, and build rapport from ad to sale to re-engagement.
    • Easily access customers’ interaction history with the third-party CRM integration.

    Boost CSAT scores and reduce costs by supporting legacy channels for both inbound and outbound customer support. .

    • Easily set up automated responses to resolve basic (as much as 75%) customer inquiries and reduce agent workload and save cost. Enable seamless bot <> agent handovers.
    • Connect agents and customers directly over WhatsApp. Speed up issue resolutions and conversations via auto-suggestions shown to agents contextually.
    • Leverage WhatsApp for user activation and customer onboarding. Set up automated reminders and next steps for customers and push them further along the buyer’s journey, one message at a time.
    • Drive cost efficiency with superior post-order experience & upsell opportunities.

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    Trusted by 7000+ businesses

    Putting WhatsApp to Work for Industries


    Send COD order confirmation, set up automated rescheduling, and eliminate order tracking requests by proactively setting up automated updates for each order.


    Leverage WhatsApp to complete document verification, display account balance, send offers & promotional messages, and offer live customer support.


    Send seasonal offers and promotional campaigns, accept orders, and reservation updates to travelers.


    Enable appointment booking, send appointment reminders, test reports, prescriptions, follow-up reminders, and offer customer service.


    Help customers select the perfect policy with catalogs, automate responses to L1 queries, send policy renewal reminders, etc.


    Automate document collection, offer customer service, send GTT updates, SIP reminders, and account balance updates.

    Building Memorable Experiences Using WhatsApp Business

    Verified business profile

    Lend legitimacy to your business communication by interacting with customers via a verified business profile.

    Message templates

    Help your agents speed up their responses by setting up message templates for various situations.

    Automated greetings

    Set up automated greetings introducing your business, or messages for when you’re away.

    Multiple entry points

    Make it easy for customers to reach you on WhatsApp with web or app widgets, QR codes, ads with click to WhatsApp, wa.me links.

    Rich media messaging

    Send and receive documents, images, videos or other files from WhatsApp. Quickly and easily.

    End-to-end encryption

    Put customers first by securing their data and conversations with you.

    Interactive messages

    Send customers messages and collect responses via buttons – “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”.

    Analytics & reporting

    Access real-time analytics and reports on the number of queries resolved, agent productivity, and more.

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