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What is Business SMS?

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Why use SMS for Business Communication?


SMS is the most effective way for companies to send quick updates – be it transactional, promotional, reminders, or of any other nature – to their customers. It is a vital customer communication channel for businesses, offering higher open and engagement rates than other channels like email, without being too intrusive.


Exotel’s bulk SMS service allows you to send out thousands of text messages to your customers within seconds. We have multiple priority SMS routes to over 190 countries to ensure high delivery rates and cost-efficiency.

Why use Exotel’s SMS

Find out why you should use SMS for Business Communication in this video

Types of Business SMS


Transactional SMS

If you need to send alerts such as order confirmation, delivery alerts, etc., you need to pick this type of busines SMS. These can be sent to customers who are a part of the DND list as well.

Ex: Your order no %d has been shipped. you will receive this order by %s. Thanks for using our services.

Promotional SMS

If you need to inform your customers or potential customers about offers or promotions you’re running, this is the kind of business SMS you need to pick. These text messages can only be sent to non-DND numbers.

Ex: 50% off all your grocery orders in the next 24 hours. Log into to avail this offer.

Transactional Opt-in SMS

These are messages that are not purely transactional but are sent to registered customers/clients.

Ex: Dear $, thank you for attending the conference. We look forward to having more of you.

High Priority SMS

With our superior SMS delivery rates, we make your high priority SMSes like OTPs reach customers in time.

Ex: 47260 is your OTP for transaction. It is valid for 10 minutes. Do not share your OTP with anyone

Different ways in which you can use SMS to Streamline Customer Communication


Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

Use sms marketing software to reach out to all your customers with personalized messaging based on your marketing requirements


OTP Verification

Timely OTP verification SMS that helps improve the security of your business


Appointment Reminder

Remind your customers about their appointments with automated business SMSes.


Billing & Payment

Send your customers timely and helpful payment reminders


Survey & Feedback

Business SMS is the most non-intrusive way for you to collect feedback from your customers after every interaction


Status updates

Keep your customers updated about the status of their order, payments, deliveries, etc. via business SMS

Benefits of using SMS for Business Communication

High open rates

SMS offers some of the highest open and engagement rates compared to other communication channels.

Secure & fast communication

SMS is the most preferred channel for sending OTPs to customers on priority.

Unmatched ROI

The low cost of sending SMSes combined with high engagement rates offers an unbeatable return on your marketing investment.


SMS is the go-to channel to communicate any nature of updates with your customers without being too intrusive, or compromising on effectiveness.

Customer insights

Track and monitor customers’ responses to your SMSes. Gain the visibility and insight you need to run effective campaigns.

Lower churn rates

People are less likely to unsubscribe over SMS vs over other channels like email, calls, etc due to the updates being non-intrusive and short.

Why Choose Exotel as your SMS Provider?

Unmatched prices

Exotel offers business SMSes at the best prices in the market. We will beat your current rates!

Quick setup, easy-to-use

Our platform is user-friendly and straightforward. Anyone can set up an SMS campaign within 5 minutes.


TRAI & DLT scrubbing compliance

We’ve made it extremely easy to comply with TRAI guidelines and DLT template scrubbing, with resources to help you every step of the way.

High delivery rates, guaranteed

Our intelligent SMS routes ensure that your business messages get delivered every time, on-time.

Built to handle scale

Exotel is built to handle high SMS volumes – enjoy consistently high delivery rates regardless of how many messages you send. 

Real-time delivery reports

With Exotel, you can access live data on delivery rates, open rates, and other information.

Enterprise-grade security

We go out of our way to follow security best practices that ensure your customer data is 100% safe with us.

Unbeatable platform uptimes 

We guarantee best-in-class platform uptimes of 99.94% – this includes operator uptimes

Asia’s most innovative companies use Exotel


Asha Satapathy

Exotel’s SMS delivery rate is quick. We have observed an improvement in our customer experience after using Exotel.

Founder & CEO, DocEngage

Raju Pardeshi

We’ve been using Exotel since BookRyde’s first baby step. It has really helped us implement and run SMS solutions seamlessly.

Founder & CEO, BookRyde

Apurv Jain

Exotel helps us in the entire packaging of the SMS reminders channel, thereby leaving the user delighted, satisfied, and retained with Haptik.

Product Manager, Haptik

Praveen Chandran

Product Head, Quikr Services, Quikr

How businesses use our SMS product

Take a glimpse of how Exotel’s SMS platform helped Go-Jek increase their delivery rates to 92%!

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What is Business SMS?

Business SMS is the most effective way for companies to send quick updates - be it transactional, promotional, reminders, or of any other nature - to their customers. These are usually short text message sent out in bulk to customers.


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What are the different types of Business SMS?

There are two types of business SMS: Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS.


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How can businesses use SMS?

Businesses can use SMSes in many ways - for appointment reminders, delivery or order confirmation, running promotional campaigns, gathering feedback from their customers and more.


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Why should you use business SMS?

SMS offers high open rates and unmatched ROI for your marketing campaigns. It’s a secure, non-intrusive channel via which you can communicate with your customers.


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What is the price of sending business SMSes in bulk?

Exotel offers business SMSes at the best prices in India. Reach out to us for a quote today.


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How can I send 1000s of SMS in minutes?

You can send thousands of messages automatically within minutes using Exotel’s business SMS Service.


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E-book: Finding a secure SMS provider

The cost of cybersecurity breaches is only growing, both capital and reputation wise. SMS channels are becoming more prone to customer data being leaked to fraudulent entities who resell the data to organisations like your competitors. Through our work offering and improving the security of our bulk SMS services with large Asian enterprises, we put together a helpful playbook around the parameters you should look for in an SMS vendor that you partner with.

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