From 24/7 customer support to 18/7 – Our journey so far

“Love thy customer” This is a company value that we take very seriously. We always have. Right from the time we were working out of a tiny home office with less than 15 people, customer happiness has been one of the most important parameters we…

6 Early Stage Startup Challenges That Effective Tools Can Help Solve

Harbouring an idea in your head is one thing. Taking the leap of faith to execute, nurture and grow the idea is an entirely different ball game. It calls for a tribe of people that we call Entrepreneurs. Fortunately, this breed is on the rise….

The Secret Sauce to Customer Retention

Today, customers want everything. They want-it-all – the competitive pricing, the dynamic performance and above everything high-quality service and support. What’s more, they won’t even think for second, before shifting over to someone else if they don’t find the stuff they are looking for. If…

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