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6 Industries That Benefit Most from Click-to-Call

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  • March 6, 2024
  • 4 mins read

Consumers are strongly inclined to connect with businesses quickly, with a whopping 88% calling the company within 24 hours of searching their website. However, traditional contact methods like email forms or waiting on hold for a phone call can be frustrating. Click-to-call solutions aim to bridge this gap by offering a quick and convenient way for users to connect with a business through a simple click.

The click-to-call solution allows users to engage with a business in real-time by clicking on a button displayed on a website or app. An instant phone call is placed without manually entering the phone number. This feature is sometimes incorporated into chatbots, allowing users to connect with a human agent for better issue resolution. This customer-centric approach enhances user experience, fostering trust and facilitating meaningful interactions.

The click-to-call feature can benefit various industries by providing efficient customer service and quick access to information.

Here are six industries that benefit most from the click-to-call solution.


Online shoppers often have questions about products, shipping, or returns. Click-to-call offers direct communication to customer support representatives, ensuring immediate query resolution. This real-time assistance is invaluable, sparing customers the frustration of independent research or waiting for email responses.

Moreover, the e-commerce industry faces a common challenge—shopping cart abandonment. Click-to-call addresses this issue head-on. When a knowledgeable agent promptly addresses customers’ concerns, they’re more likely to complete their purchase, reducing cart abandonment rates.

Ultimately, the click-to-dial feature can improve conversion rates of e-commerce websites, which presently range between 1.81% and 3.71%. This aligns perfectly with the core objective of e-commerce platforms: turning visitors into satisfied, paying customers.


The global value of the health tech market is estimated to grow from $245 billion to $809 billion between 2023 and 2030. The click-to-call feature enables this growth by facilitating interactions between patients and healthcare providers.

When individuals have medical concerns they wish to discuss without any hassle, and a simple click on the healthcare provider’s website initiates immediate communication with medical staff. Similarly, patients can navigate simple phone menus and avoid long hold times to schedule appointments. This convenience enhances patient satisfaction and contributes to more efficient appointment management for healthcare providers.

Moreover, click-to-call ensures that patients can swiftly reach out to healthcare professionals in critical situations requiring emergency assistance. In essence, click-to-call in the healthcare sector facilitates faster, more convenient, and more effective healthcare services.


Homebuyers and renters frequently have questions about property listings, prices, and availability. Real estate agencies can leverage the click-to-call feature to close the communication gap between clients and agents, facilitating a smoother and more informed experience.

When potential homebuyers or renters visit a real estate agency’s website, they may have immediate inquiries about properties they’re interested in. With click-to-call, clients can simply click a button to connect with the right agent. This enables them to get instant answers to their questions.

Furthermore, the timing of property viewings can be crucial in the real estate market. Click-to-call allows clients to schedule property viewings swiftly. Instead of sending emails or submitting contact forms, clients can initiate a call and make arrangements directly with an agent. This saves time and enhances the overall customer experience, making it easier for clients to find the right property.

Financial Services

Customers often require immediate assistance with banking, insurance, or investment-related inquiries. Click-to-call allows financial institutions to provide instant support, answer questions, and address concerns. This can help reduce the anxiety that often comes with financial inquiries.

A trend has been observed where fraudsters list fake numbers as customer service numbers on different sites and social media platforms. 59.4% of such impersonations occurred in the finance sector. The click-to-call feature helps avoid this problem, as the contact details are available on the financial institution’s official website. It thus reassures customers that they are dealing with legitimate financial institutions.

Additionally, click-to-call provides a secure line of communication to handle sensitive matters like fraud or account security. Customers can promptly report suspicious activities, ensuring that their assets and information remain protected.

Travel and Hospitality

Booking flights, hotels, or rental cars can involve tough decisions. Travel companies can use click-to-call to assist customers with booking, provide travel advice, or handle urgent issues while planning their trips.

One of the standout benefits of click-to-call in this industry is its ability to facilitate complex travel arrangements. Travelers have to make various decisions when planning trips, from selecting the right flight or accommodation to arranging transportation. With click-to-call, customers can connect with travel experts who can guide them through these decisions.

This instant tool ensures that help is just a click away. Whether it’s rebooking a flight due to weather delays or resolving issues with hotel reservations, travelers can quickly reach out to experts who can provide solutions in real time, enhancing their overall travel experience.


The global automobile industry is projected to reach $6,070.4 billion by 2030. This growth is significantly driven by online platforms, simplifying the customer journey. However, car buyers often need help with technical details and confusing options.

Recognizing this challenge, car dealerships can leverage the click-to-call feature to help customers inquire about vehicle availability and pricing with a simple click. This personal touch enables customers to receive expert guidance, and make well-informed decisions.

Beyond dealerships, click-to-call can also help connect customers with repair shops and rental agencies. Customers can quickly initiate a call to a repair shop when they encounter vehicle issues. It ensures that your vehicles receive timely attention and reduces downtime.

Rental agencies can also benefit from click-to-call when customers have questions about rental availability, pricing, or special requirements. This makes it easier for potential renters to get the necessary information and complete their bookings efficiently.

Optimize Your Business with Exotel’s Click-to-call

Exotel’s click-to-call feature offers benefits that extend beyond specific industries. Any business that values direct communication with customers and wants to provide a frictionless browsing experience can benefit from its implementation. This feature helps elevate customer satisfaction by eliminating the need to move between apps or manually dial phone numbers.

Businesses can empower their customers through Exotel’s click-to-call feature, taking their communication to the next level. This advanced solution seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, liberating agents from dashboard dependency. Agents can initiate calls directly from the CRM platform, enabling them to reach more customers efficiently.

Furthermore, when combined with call tracking and intelligent routing, Exotel’s click-to-call feature goes a step further. It enables businesses to deliver personalized support and reduce wait times. This holistic approach to customer engagement enhances satisfaction as well as operational efficiency.

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