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How Does An Omnichannel Approach Impact Customer Service?

  • Apli 3, 2023
  • 6 mins read

Ideally, every contact center works on satisfying the customer service needs of 100% of the target base. As in any other case, keeping the reality close to the ideal target for the contact center is a tough nut to crack. If you look at the customer preference statistics, here’s what they say:

  • 77% of brands consider customer experience as a key competitive differentiator (IDC)
  • 49% of consumers leave a brand due to poor customer experience. (Statistics source)
  • Consumers base their buying decisions on their previous customer experience with a brand. (Statistics Source)

Pair these key takeaways with the studies that say nine out of ten customers want brands to provide an omnichannel experience. If you still do not have an omnichannel communication strategy for your contact center in place, you must know how this prospect affects the customer service you deliver. So, let’s uncover the basics first.

More About Omnichannel Contact Center

An omnichannel contact center, at its core, is a customer service function that is based on cloud-hosted contact center software to handle customer interactions. It encompasses multiple channels, including chat, phone, text, email, or social media, to deliver a unified, seamless customer experience as they switch back and forth across channels.

Businesses can realize the importance of an omnichannel approach for their contact center can be realized from the fact that customers usually take a non-linear path when interacting with a brand of their choice. For example, they might use the brand’s app to add products to the cart, send an email or make a phone call to ask for customer service and buy in person from the local brand store nearby during the course of a single transaction. Any break in consistency across different customer interaction channels can lead to a loss of customers.

An omnichannel solution can help you address these customer expectations. Also, note that call center software and omnichannel contact center solutions are different. While the former may only imply a telephone-first customer interaction strategy, the latter usually offers many different communication channels. Let’s dig deeper into the connection between an omnichannel strategy for a contact center and customer service efficiency.

How Exotel Can Help?

Exotel’s omnichannel solution is used by thousands of clients across the globe to improve their customer service quality. It is a unified suite of contact center solutions that you need to run your contact center operations seamlessly.