Why is Customer Feedback Critical to Improving Your CX?

Improve customer experience
  • June 19, 2023
  • 3 mins read

According to a report, while 79% of Indian businesses believed Customer Experience (CX) to be a revenue driver, only 17% were able to deliver ‘exceptional’ customer services. This is concerning as the same report also pointed out that 85% of Indian customers were willing to switch brands after one bad experience.

Undoubtedly, improving customer experience is the need of the hour

Steps taken to improve CX reap exponential rewards in terms of increased revenue, better customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and retention. An important component of a pleasant customer experience is a consistent and humanized approach to responding to customer feedback. It makes your customers feel valued and shows them that their expectations matter to you.

Let’s discuss how you can unlock the power of customer feedback to improve customer experience.

Leveraging Customer Feedback to Enhance Customer Experience

In today’s globalized market, customers have multiple options for every product/service. What is it that your brand can offer that makes buyers prefer and vouch for you?

Strong relationships, effective communication, and connected conversations are key to becoming the customers’ favorite. 

It is only when you break siloed conversations,  listen to your customers and collect their feedback that you can understand their needs. Then, you can develop targeted products catering to their needs. The more regularly you do this; the higher will be your chances of availing the first mover’s advantage. 

The utility of customer feedback doesn’t end at the product development stage. Despite the pre-launch surveys and research, your products will still have to pass the test of customer usage. How customers will perceive and react to your offerings can never be predicted with 100% accuracy. Collecting feedback is thus essential to make continuous improvements.

This continuous process influences the way customers perceive your brand and its customer service capabilities. It assists you to:

  • Understand your customers
  • Identify the pain points in the customers’ journey
  • Improve products/services
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Achieve optimization
  • Drive advocacy

Best Solutions to Get Customer Feedback and Improve Customer Experience

Questionnaires, interviews, and feedback forms have traditionally been used to gauge customer opinion. Listed below are some of the solutions that have recently emerged in the CX scene. They help complete the feedback loop on time and generate data that can be analyzed for important insights.

Improve customer experience

1. Survey

The survey process has evolved over the years due to technological advancements. Today, automated surveys can be conducted via automated  calls, and further  be integrated with CRM. 

The result is a more personalized experience and a greater response rate. SMS can also be utilized for sending out survey forms. As they have a high open rate (98%, according to marketing campaign management research).

2. Live Chat Support

Another way to make your customers feel cared for is by offering them real-time live chat support. Customer service agents can facilitate this by integrating live chat with engagement channels like WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, and website bots. 

This not only increases the agents’ productivity, but the swift response also displays empathy toward customers’ concerns. This helps avoid any negative image being established in customers’ minds after any unpleasant user experience.

3. Social Listening

Direct channels of communication may not be enough if you want to get a comprehensive picture of the quality of customer experience. You must take the initiative and be present wherever the customers are discussing your brand. 

As social media channels have risen in popularity, they are the place to be. Social listening tools enable you to monitor customers’ reactions and comments and keep track of all brand mentions. The ultimate aim is to review the online reputation of the brand.

4. Whatsapp Campaigns

WhatsApp campaigns can include various activities, such as sending targeted messages, sharing multimedia content like images and videos, conducting surveys or polls, providing customer support, and more. These campaigns can be used to promote products or services, announce offers or discounts, deliver personalized messages, or establish communication channels with customers.

The Way Forward – Be A Friend to Your Customers

To make your brand stand out, you must guide your customers throughout the buyer journey. It is only when customers trust you that they will be open to this guidance. Soliciting and responding to customer feedback establishes trust and paves the way for a frictionless customer experience.

The complete process of interacting with customers can result in better outcomes if customers are treated no less than friends. This is where Exotel comes in. Aimed at crafting Connected Customer Conversations, Exotel offers solutions for every step of the customer journey. Exotel’s omnichannel platform helps meet customers’ demands through their preferred modes of communication- voice, customer care center, or AI conversational bot.

You can use SMS campaigns, voice broadcasts, missed calls, WhatsApp campaigns, and automated surveys to complete the feedback loop and boost engagement. From product launch, lead generation, customer acquisition, and product delivery to post-sales service, Exotel’s multi-channel clean APIs and no-code apps help humanize real-time interactions.. 

Join the 7000+ businesses spread across 60+ countries that are scaling up their customer experience efforts.

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