Exotel Experience Day

Humanize Engagements by powering Connected Customer Conversations | The Future of CX is Now

With the constantly changing business dynamics and the rise of technology, consumer expectations and engagement equation has evolved. Consumers’ demand for connected conversations has started to reflect in approaches businesses opt to serve them.

Date & Time: 30th Aug 2023 | 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM [UAE Time]

Venue - Address Boulevard, Dubai

    According to Gartner, customers in UAE have higher expectations of customer service and trustworthiness from businesses than the global average. Businesses are now looking for ways to gather, analyze, engage with AI and employ consumer data at scale to meet customers’ rising expectations with unprecedented customer experience.

    Customer experience is one of the most important differentiators today. The ability to scale engagement with deeper understanding and empathy with customers separate businesses that are winners or losers. To achieve this, businesses need a great reset from disjointed customer engagement that are at work today, where customer communication takes place across multiple communication systems that are siloed, broken or do not have full context of customer history.  

    At this round table on ‘Humanize engagements by powering Connected customer conversations | The Future of CX is Now: , learn how businesses in UAE can orchestrate Connected Customer Conversations - listen to their customers, remember all customer conversations across multiple platforms, provide rich insights and engage customers with greater trust, personalisation and empathy- At any time, across any screen and in the manner they prefer. 

    Also, experience UAE’ most advanced customer conversation platform first hand as demonstrate how organizations can power connected conversations using our communication APIs, cloud contact centre and bot technologies. 

    An interesting example of a connected customer journey in e-commerce would be wherein the moment an order is placed, a bot notifies the customer over their preferred channel with confirmation and shipping details.

    Disconnected communication channels and scattered data put businesses at a great disadvantage today, where customers expect nothing but perfection. To experience the future of CX, be part of this exclusive closed-door Exotel Experience Day along with top 20 delegates from the leading firms in UAE.



    Customer experience and engagement trends that are shaping up the UAE market


    A POV on ‘Why Exotel should the vendor of choice’ for delivering connected customer conversations


    Operational and customer engagement challenges faced by the organizations such as no way to track delivery SOP and call recordings, customers connecting without revealing personal data, etc. 


    How has Exotel helped leading organizations in the UAE resolve the above challenges?


    A first hand experience of Exotel - UAE’s most advanced customer conversation platform




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