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How to reach your driver even if you don’t have his number – Uber Number Masking Magic

  • January 31, 2017
  • 1 mins read

One of the biggest advantages that cab aggregators like Uber gain out of number masking is customer privacy. For those of you don’t know what number masking is or how it works, when you book a ride via Uber, the driver doesn’t see your phone number and vice versa. But you are both connected via a virtual number.

This virtual number becomes functional when a driver is assigned a ride. You can communicate with the driver using this number for the duration of the trip. After the trip ends, the number becomes deactivated. Purpose served!

What if you need to contact your driver after a trip ends?

But there are times when you need to contact your driver after a trip ends. A classic case when you lose something or forget something in the cab. Let’s face it; it happens to all of us! And things we lose are often valuable (phones, bags) and irreplaceable (wallets with ID’s!).

There is a simple solution to this, and it is powered by Exotel.

Select the trip where you this you missed something from your app


You can choose to contact the driver


Enter your phone number



And wait for your phone to ring


You will be connected to the driver you’re trying to reach.

Privacy and trust have always been absolutely necessary for great user experience. This is an excellent example of how privacy is not an optional feature but an essential building block to creating a lasting relationship. It is imperative to not discount users’ need for privacy as optional. A simple feature like this is enough to make your customer’s day!

Manisha Mishra

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