Utilizing Gen AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, the House of AI transforms customer conversations into engaging, human-like experiences. It goes deep into understanding context, sentiment, and intent, enabling dynamic, personalized responses that boost engagement and loyalty.

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Drive Reliable and Trusted Engagement at Scale

21 Billion+

Annual engagements over voice, messaging & video


Agents on cloud

4 Billion+

Queries resolved by AI bots

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GenAI Powered Voice Assistant

  • Human-Like Conversations: Employs advanced AI to understand and replicate human conversation nuances, including emotionally intelligent comprehension, multi-language support, semantic search, and tailored responses.
  • Advanced Audio Processing: Features state-of-the-art noise cancellation and interruption management, ensuring clear communication in various environments.
  • Command to Action Automation - Makes execution as simple as giving a command.
  • Versatile Integration and Customization: Offers hassle-free integration with external APIs and is accessible on multiple platforms, with the ability to adapt to user-defined rules and guidelines.
  • Exceptional Reliability: Guarantees 24/7 availability and uninterrupted service with horizontal scalability, making it a resilient and reliable communication tool.

Virtual Chat Agent - AI Powered Chatbot

  • Human-Like Conversation and Learning Capability: Features advanced comprehension of intent and emotions, semantic search, GenAI responses, and learns from user-provided information for context-aware, empathetic conversations.
  • Command to Action Automation - Makes execution as simple as giving a command.
  • Adaptability to Business Scenarios and Personalization: Customizes responses for different business functions and offers personalized user experiences with adaptable rules and terminology.
  • Smooth User Experience (UX) and Easy Deployment: Ensures high-performance streaming, efficient handling of interruptions, and easy API integration for multi-platform availability, including fallback options for continuity.
  • Reliability and Efficiency in Conversations: Continuously improves through user feedback, scalable to handle any conversation volume, and efficiently collects customer insights.

Exomind API

  • Simplifying Large Language Models (LLMs) Usage: Exomind API is your gateway to easily integrate LLMs into your systems. It's user-friendly, adaptable to your efficiency, cost, and accuracy requirements.
  • Flexibility and Compatibility: Whether you prefer custom or popular third-party LLMs, Exomind API fits all. Choose cloud-based or on-site setup as per your business needs.
  • Intelligent Model Management: Automatically selects the best model based on your requirements, offering functionalities like text summarization, sentiment analysis, and translation.


Enabling conversations with documents and knowledge bases to enhance productivity.

  • Consolidates information from diverse sources & formats (Documents, PDFs, Excel, and others)
  • Enhanced Intelligent Assistant and Agent Capability: Equips Virtual Assistants and human agents with comprehensive knowledge for precise, instant, and customized responses.
  • Advanced GenAI and Large Language Model (LLM) Integration: Merges cutting-edge GenAI with various open-source LLM  technologies for superior performance.
  • Continuous Information Update and Synchronization: Ensures all data, irrespective of its format, is consistently updated and synchronized for relevance and accuracy.

AI Services

  • Technology Consultancy: Our custom services extend beyond mere products, offering expert advice and guidance to optimize your use of GenAI technology for maximum impact.
  • Bespoke Implementations: Tailored specifically to your business needs, we provide unique, made-to-order solutions, ensuring that Generative AI is seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and workflows.
  • Full Potential Utilization: We ensure that our clients not only adopt Generative AI solutions but also fully leverage their capabilities, maximizing efficiency, and enhancing overall business performance.

Conversation Quality Analysis Tool

Analyze cross-channel conversations against your detailed runbooks for objective evaluation.

  • Reduce manual effort: Automate quality management with AI scoring.
  • Drive improvement: Identify performance gaps with detailed chat and call analytics
  • Enhance satisfaction: Enable targeted interventions for higher customer loyalty
  • Automate updates: The tool adapts to SOP changes without manual syncing
  • Empower agents: Provide real-time dashboards for self-training

Powering 7000+ Businesses in 60+ countries

Why The House of AI?

Streamlined Operations

Automate and enhance customer service, marketing and sales processes, reducing workload and increasing efficiency.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce operational costs through AI-driven automation and optimization.

Personalized Experiences

Deliver tailored responses, making each customer feel valued and understood.


Quicker Resolutions

AI-enhanced understanding leads to faster problem-solving and customer satisfaction.

24/7 Availability

Ensure constant availability with intelligent bots that don't compromise on quality.

Empowered Agents

Equip your team with AI tools that augment their skills, leading to job satisfaction and reduced turnover.

Enhanced Productivity

Cut down on repetitive tasks, allowing agents to focus on rewarding conversations.

Customer Experiences That Speak Volumes

Don't miss out on the opportunity to redefine your customer conversations.

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The Modern Conversational AI Architecture

Three-Tiered System: From diverse Language Models at the base to sophisticated chatbots and voice bots at the top, designed for seamless integration and enhanced communication.

  • At the Foundation Level: A mix of diverse Language Models and Rule Engines, tackling complex problems and diverse use cases.
  • The Central Layer: focuses on the frictionless integration of these models, reinforced by robust operational and security protocols.
  • Top Layer or the Application Layer: Features advanced chatbots and voice bots, finely calibrated by the foundation and integration layers, addressing key customer communication needs.

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