Experience our AI Voice Assistant: More than a bot, it's your conversational partner, fluent in Hindi, English, and Hinglish. Always available, it handles tasks with ease and learns continuously to make every customer conversations more meaningful and personal.

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Drive Reliable and Trusted Customer Engagement


Reduction in Agent Workload


Increase in Sales Conversion Rates


Improvement in Collection Efficiency

The Capabilities That Makes It a Strong Choice for Your Business

Accurate and Human-Like Conversations

  • Human like comprehension: understanding of the intent and emotion of the query
  • Semantic search: capability to synthesize the response using semantic search based on the user query intent
  • Empathetic responses to match the user intent and emotion
  • Support for multiple languages

Seamless UX

Best in class streaming pipeline with exceptional latency and superior network jitter handling:

  • Speech recognition
  • Noise cancellation
  • User Interruption handling
  • Listening queues to manage any processing latency
  • Personalized responses (user name, conversation context etc.)

Adaptable to Multiple Business Scenarios

  • Configure to suit any business functions like sales, customer support etc.
  • Adaptable tone, glossary to match to the company policies and branding
  • Customisations based on the goal of the conversation

Ability to Learn From Multiple Sources

  • Documents: users can provide documents as input to the bot and bot can answer queries based on the documents
  • Rules defined by the users

Deployment Friendly

  • API integration: integration with external API for actions and information
  • Multi-platform: Available as a streaming applet, PSTN number, Whatsapp calling, SDK
  • Fallback options

Scalable and Reliable

  • Continuous improvement: conversation rating based on user rating and based on goal tracking
  • Resilient: Horizontally scalable, 24x7 availability etc.

Customized Gen AI VoiceBot:
Excelling Across Varied Business Scenarios


  • Engages potential buyers with persuasive product presentations, like showcasing iPhones.
  • Suggests alternative products and discounts when initial proposals don’t pique interest.

Customer Support

  • Solves customer issues and addresses inquiries effectively.
  • Escalates complex problems to the appropriate ticketing system for resolution.


Recruitment Assistance

  • Conducts initial screening interviews and gathers candidate information efficiently.
  • Filters candidates early, saving HR time and effort.



Appointment Coordination in Healthcare

  • Manages appointment scheduling by tapping into calendar availability through API checks.
  •  Offers seamless booking experiences, syncing with open time slots automatically.


Service Scheduling

  •  Facilitates service bookings for various products.
  •  Coordinates maintenance or service timing aligning with customer schedules.


EMI Collections

  • Proactively reminds customers of upcoming EMI dues and offers a payment link upon agreement.
  • Informs of possible repercussions in case of payment delinquency.


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