Expand your reach by enabling PSTN calling on Microsoft Teams through Direct Routing with a compliant, truly cloud solution.

Communication is a gift. Uncomplicate it.

Experience unrestricted calling on Microsoft Teams

IP-to-IP Calling on Teams is convenient and cost-effective. But, communication is restricted to only colleagues and other contacts with access to the internet.

Integrating Teams with Exotel lets you expand your reach with PSTN calling through network operators, to reach people at any location, device, or network.

But, isn’t Microsoft Teams the most convenient app?

Sure, calling peers on Microsoft Teams is the most convenient and compliant calling mechanism out there. But, the problem is with calling people who are on fixed lines & mobile networks.

Exotel is a licensed and compliant solution in India allowing you to call people on PSTN networks through Microsoft Teams without investing in expensive on-premise infrastructure and maintenance.

Help your reps do more with their time

On average, people spend about 30 minutes a day toggling between different workplace apps. Give your reps their time back with Exotel’s integration with Microsoft Teams.

Your reps can now call customers on fixed lines & mobile networks with just a click of a button on Microsoft Teams, without leaving the app.

Break the shackles
Experience freedom and agility with True Cloud

Move away from restrictive, expensive, time-consuming and manpower-heavy on-premise telephony systems. Welcome to the only True Cloud solution which allows your employees to communicate with customers irrespective of where they are - home, office or the field.

Exotel’s pan India UL-VNO license gives you the flexibility to procure the phone numbers of your choice. In addition, you can also modify the solution to suit business needs with unlimited concurrent channels and calls per second.

Stay assured with a telecom regulatory compliant solution and fully secured network ensuring safe business communications.

How the Exotel - Microsoft Teams Integration Works

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