Instant Voice Bot Deployment and Maintenance-Free Experience: Optimize your Workforce and Enhance Call Outcomes with Real-Time Voice Streaming Technology

What is Voice Streaming?

Voice streaming allows you to broadcast calls in real-time in a single (unidirectional) or two-way flow (bidirectional). Unidirectional streaming enables to transcribe and monitor call quality in real time. Bidirectional streaming enables you to build intelligent conversational bots that will help you optimise your workforce and call outcomes.

What you get with Exotel

Scalable Architecture

Exotel’s platform powers conversations to a scale of over 70 million conversations a day worldwide with uptimes of 99.95% including both software and operator uptimes with rigorous criteria for onboarding our operators. Over 70% of our platform is elastic, enabling you to scale without hassle.


Consistent and reliable conversations

Exotel’s patented real-time telephony monitoring system, Polyfonix ensures flawless connectivity and reliability by constantly monitoring your network. 

Additionally, the interoperability feature ensures 100% connectivity rates by automatically retrying the dialled number via secondary operators until the call is connected to the end user.


Powerful reporting and analytics

Monitor conversations at scale with actionable, real-time call insights. 

Deep dive into granular communication details with Advanced Call Analytics, rich reports, real-time agent and campaigns dashboards.


Deploy your bots on the cloud

Setup your Voice AI Bots in a jiffy on the cloud

What’s wrong with deploying my bots on-premise?

Nothing wrong. Your voice bots will work just fine. But, you will have to deal with these shortcomings: 

• Complex custom integrations with on-premise telephone systems

• Poor compatibility with existing telephony infrastructure

• Stretched-out deliveries due to complex telephony infra

• STD code restrictions, downtimes, low pickup rates, connectivity issues and latency. 


Tune your bots to be more human-like

Latency or lag is a voice bot's worst enemy; naturally flowing speech is one of the most significant success factors for a voice bot to sound more human-like. 

Exotel’s high-performance APIs ensure an average latency of just 300 milliseconds, allowing for an accurate human-like conversation with your customers. 


Takes a quarter to deploy your voice bots?

The minimum time right now to deploy a POC is 3 months for any Voice Bot company. Drawn out delivery timelines are people,  operations and cost intensive as well, owing to complex custom integrations and compatibility issues with existing telephony infrastructure.


Deploy your bots instantly with telephony on the cloud without worrying about physical infrastructure and costs. Exotel’s robust cloud infrastructure is a plug and play model, ensuring the best connectivity and the lowest latencies powered by patented technologies. 


Faster deployments. Quicker growth. Happier customers.
Cut the anchors and embrace the stars

Cut down on delivery timelines

Deploy your voice bots to customers instantly with telephony on the cloud, while spending absolutely nothing on physical infrastructure and maintenance.  


Leverage the cloud’s accessibility

Take full advantage of Exotel’s hyper localised network to reach customers far and wide, ensuring successful reach, better call pickup rates and reduced call costs.


Scale with a powerful, consistent and reliable engine

Unleash your voice bots to their full potential with Exotel’s elastically scalable and reliable platform. 

Reach your customers with ease, every time and have fruitful conversations with Exotel’s network interoperability and patented monitoring technologies.



There are two types of Streams - Unidirectional and Bidirectional                                  

Unidirectional Streams allow you to Stream live calls over Websocket in a single direction, from Exotel to the WebSocket Endpoint. Some of the use cases for this are live transcription, real time monitoring of agents, real-time coaching, etc.              

Bidirectional Streams allow two-way flow of voice data over a Websocket. Exotel would send the voice data of the caller to a websocket endpoint. The endpoint can return voice data back on the websocket and Exotel would play it out to the caller. The primary use case for this is to enable building intelligent conversational bots that will help you optimize your workforce.


As a bi-directional stream’s major use case is a conversational bot so Voicebot is more appropriate. 

The voice bot applet can be plugged into the flow to replace the agent. As soon as the flow is hit, the voice bot applet will trigger a WebSocket connection with the URL endpoint. Once the connection is established, there will be real-time transmission/streaming of the audio in the same connection.

For instance, It can act as a conversational IVR bot, for example, in a stock trading company where the bot can ask for the name of the stock. The customer says the name and the bot can tell the real-time price of it.


There are two legs: 

- PSTN leg

- Voicebot leg

It can act as a conversational IVR bot, for example, in a stock trading company where the bot can ask the name of the stock. The customer says the name and the bot can tell the real-time price of it.


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