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Contextually Connect Conversations across Interaction Channels

Recovery is more than just numbers—it's about connecting with people. Exotel facilitates empathetic, personalized communication across preferred channels, turning debt collection into a positive, relationship-building process through complete context, timely reminders, and effective monitoring.

Accelerate Debt Recovery

An erratic approach inflates DSO (Day Sales Outstanding), wasting resources. Exotel’s orchestrated approach to sending timely voice and message notifications across channels, ensures all dues are tracked, shifting from reactive to proactive, reducing DSO and boosting efficiency in collections.

Cut Cost

Soaring collection costs from random channel usage and agents lacking context, leads to inefficiencies. Exotel's platform auto-assigns tasks based on agent skills and provides detailed customer histories, making conversations contextual and more effective, thereby reducing operational expenses.

Enhance Productivity

Manual efforts and unclear follow-ups overwhelm both customers and agents. Exotel’s advanced allocation algorithm aligns cases to ideal agents with omnichannel and contextual capabilities for impactful conversations, fostering customer relationships with empathy and precision.

Stay Compliant

Collection demands strict adherence to laws and regulations. Exotel ensures compliance by recording every conversation accurately, offering transparency and aligning with legal standards. Its secure data management reduces the risk of potential faults and penalties.

Drive Context-Aware and Conversational Customer Engagement with Exotel

Debt Collection is Tricky and Doesn’t Need to Be Stressful. There Must Be a Better Way to Connect With Customers that Keeps Both You and Them Smiling.

Data-Driven Insights

Utilize AI and analytics for deep insights into debtor behaviour. Anticipate customer needs, tailor approach, and mitigate risks effectively

Automated Outreach

Trigger notifications, and follow-ups across messaging, voice and other communication channels. Ensure effective communication channels, streamline the collections process for maximum efficiency

Personalized Conversations

Hyper-personalize conversations to build trust. Customize messaging, offer flexible payment options, provide support for customer relationships, fostering trust and loyalty

Targeted Prioritisation

Craft strategy for customer segments for prioritizing collections and optimal resource allocation both human and non-human

Continuous Monitoring & Feedback

Monitor collections performance in real-time using robust dashboards and reporting tools. Track metrics, assess progress, and optimize strategies for improved results

Exotel Customer Engagement Platform for Contextual Connected Conversations

With an array of communication channels, innovative tools, tailored solutions and personalized support, you can take charge of Collections operations like never before.

It's time to take control of your collections strategy

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