Fluent in multiple languages, it offers natural, efficient, empathetic and goal driven conversations around the clock. Harnessing the power of Gen AI technology, the bot excels in intent recognition and executing intended actions through API integration, ensuring clear and effective dialogues.

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Drive Reliable and Trusted Customer Engagement


Reduction in Agent Workload


Increase in Sales Conversion Rates


Improvement in Collection Efficiency

The Capabilities That Makes It a Strong Choice for Your Business

Accurate and Human-Like Conversations

  • Human like comprehension (understanding of the intent and emotion of the query).
  • Semantic search: capability to synthesize the response using Semantic search based on the user query intent.
  • GenAI response to respond to the user to match his vibe and emotion.

Versatile and Adaptable

  • Users can provide documents or any other knowledge source as input to the bot and bot can answer queries based on the documents.
  • Bot supports both prescribed (rule-based) conversations or goal-driven conversations. Choose what best is suited and configure based on the business needs.
  • Adaptable tone, glossary to match company policies and branding.

Multiple and Easy Deployments

  • API integration: Integration with external API for actions and information.
  • Multi-platform: available across channels, web, SDKs etc.
  • Fallback options.

Dependable and Reliable

  • Continuous improvement: Conversation rating based on user rating and based on goal tracking.
  • Guard rails to minimize miscommunication.
  • Resilient: Horizontally scalable, 24x7 availability etc.
  • Efficient Data Collection: Our ChatBot simplifies gathering customer insights, automating the process to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Transform every chat into a valuable data point driven by context.
  • Scalable Support: Ready to handle any volume of conversations, our ChatBot ensures consistent, high-quality responses with context, no matter how busy things get.

Customized it for
Varied Business Scenarios


  • Virtual loan agent to engage with customers and sell different types of loans.
  • Suggests alternative products and discounts when initial proposals fail to capture interest.

Customer Support

  • Effectively resolves customer issues and addresses inquiries promptly.
  • Escalates complex problems to the appropriate ticketing system for swift resolution.

Recruitment Assistance

  • Conducts initial screening interviews and gathers candidate information efficiently.
  • Filters candidates early, saving HR time and effort.



Appointment Coordination in Healthcare

  • Manages appointment scheduling by checking calendar availability through API integration.
  • Offers seamless booking experiences, automatically syncing with open time slots


Service Scheduling

  • Facilitates service bookings for various products and coordinates maintenance or service timing according to customer schedules.


EMI Collections

  • Proactively reminds customers of upcoming EMI dues and provides a payment link upon agreement.
  • Informs customers of possible repercussions in case of payment delinquency, ensuring transparency and timely payments.

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