Exotel is at work, helping some of the largest BFSI companies globally, to consolidate and orchestrate their customer conversations. At extreme scale, reliabiltiy and efficiency. 

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Customer Conversations for the Top BFSI Companies

Are you struggling with unreliable internal communication and missed opportunities in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities?

Exotel's automated calls and SMS enhance internal communication and provide tracking and reliability for your institution.

Are you tired of manually sending reminders for dues, payments, and renewals, and finding that it's often intrusive for your clients? Our Automated SMS is the perfect solution. It is an ideal medium for reminders about dues, payments and renewals, it's efficient and easy to use, and it will save you time and improve your customer service

Exotel's OTP SMS service guarantees timely delivery of your messages, making it a vital tool for any business. With the best delivery rate in the industry, you can rely on Exotel to get your message to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Exotel can help you set up a distributed call center in less than 30 minutes and handle all your customer calls, with a pay-as-you-grow model that allows you to scale as your business grows.

Our dynamic caller ID assignment optimizes the caller ID for each customer, greatly improving pickup rates, especially for teams that make calls to customers. With our solution, you can enjoy the benefit of increased call pickup rates and improve your communication with customers.

Our missed call solution allows customers to initiate contact with your business, download an app, receive information via SMS and more, making it an easy and convenient way for them to interact with your business.

Our number masking feature allows you to hide customer phone numbers from agents and any third-party personnel, thereby eliminating the risk of any untoward incidents and enhancing customer trust in your brand.

Use Cases for the BFSI Sector

Automated Calling System

Exotel's automated calling system offers a wide range of call automation options to boost your business's efficiency and effectiveness.

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OTP Service for Business

Exotel's OTP service offers businesses a reliable, cost-effective and efficient way to verify customer's identity and secure their systems. 

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Cloud Call Center Solution

Exotel's cloud call center solution offers businesses an efficient way to manage remote sales and support conversations, providing agents with the necessary automations, call analytics, and context to stay productive and improve customer experience.

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Phone Number Masking

Exotel's Phone Number Masking (also known as call masking) is the best way for businesses to safeguard their customers’ identity, and prevent misuse of their sensitive information.

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Missed Call Services

Exotel's Missed Call Services allows businesses to increase engagement and customize the response to a simple missed call. 

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