Exotel’s Smart IVR System helps your business save money and make your customers happy at the same time. Build stronger customer relationships with AI-powered interactions.

What is an IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that allows a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through voice and DTMF tones input via the keypad. Meaning, when you call, the voice on the other end will be computer-generated. You use your phone’s keyboard to create a certain outcome.

Types of IVR System

Single-level IVR

This is the simplest form of IVR. In this type, you can only add a single layer of IVR to your call flow. Single level IVR is perfect for simple use cases where one input is enough to connect an agent or trigger a message

Multi-level IVR

You can think of multi-level IVR as an IVR within an IVR. Sometimes it’s unmanageable to create an IVR menu with a 0-9 prompt. In this case, you can use multiple layers of IVR in your call flow to streamline the workflow.

Find out how your customers interact with your business

Speeding up support with Exotel's Smart IVR software

IVR System improves support by automating routine tasks, enabling self-service, freeing up time for agents to handle complex issues, and reducing wait times for customers.

Use shorter surveys, get more honest results

Gather honest feedback through IVR surveys, which customers can easily complete after a call. Analyze results to improve service and increase customer satisfaction.


Why an IVR
number is essential for your business?

Sound professional

Greet your callers with a clear and concise IVR greeting

Route calls with ease

Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support etc. Give your customers the best experience

Support remote working

With Exotel’s IVR number, you can work from anywhere

Smart call routing

Time-based and team-based call routing on the caller’s input through your IVR system.

Reports and analytics

Agent-wise Reporting and Call analytics everyday on a real-time basis

Scale with ease

Add/Remove agents with a click of a button. You can also scale your calls without any inhibitions!

Benefits of
Smart IVR System

Seamless routing that optimizes resources

Improve customer experience and use of resources efficiently by connecting customers, seamlessly,  to the most suitable and available agent based on their IVR inputs, the current call volume and team availability. Your customers will always be in good hands!

Scalability, just a click away

Add or remove agents with just a click, and let your team easily scale the incoming calls without overburdening a single agent. Get the flexibility to respond to changes in demand. Never worry about being overburdened by too many calls again.

Provide easier accessibility to customers

Streamline your customer's experience with simple call routing - no more tedious menus or hours of waiting. “Press 1 for sales or 2 for support,” and voila! A faster service journey that everyone can get behind.

Lower Costs, Increased Productivity

Improve efficiency by utilizing smart IVR to reduce the number of agents required to handle calls, leading to significant cost savings in staffing and training. Minimize downtime and wait times!

How have businesses
traditionally used IVR?

Easy updates

This method allows your customer to pay for services availed using their mobile phones. From ordering movie tickets to home delivery, almost every division has used IVR for payments at some point.

Cash on delivery verification

Cash on delivery orders, if not verified, incur huge expenses for companies. Companies now use a simple IVR system that ensures the order is verified by the customer before it goes out for delivery. This saves time, money and human resources for the company at stake.

For local language interaction

A system that is completely automated is one of the most basic uses of IVR. It is the easiest way to communicate with people of all languages, without having to hire people who speak all these different languages.

Automated checking for order status

With IVR, all a customer has to do is call the number given by the company, punch in his user ID and he gets the status of his order. This makes it simple for the customer while also avoiding the human intervention, thereby reducing the need for extra manpower.

Exotel Smart IVR System: Intelligent yet Customizable

Make your IVR System personal to your business needs

Create custom IVR flow, including greetings, music, actions for different numbers and prompts. Enjoy seamless customer engagement and optimize your IVR script with a solution that is hassle-free.

Give your customers the VIP treatment with smart routing

Say goodbye to long wait times for VIP customers. Streamline the IVR process and get them to the right agent fast. Offer them a VIP hotline for quick connection. During high call volume, prioritize your customers with VIPs getting top priority.

Automated self-service to empower your customers

Help your customers find answers quickly. Our IVR system reduces wait times and helps customers solve problems on their own, freeing up your agents to focus on more pressing matters. Empower your customers and reduce workload for your team with our dynamic IVR system.

Streamline call management during high traffic volumes

Manage high call volumes through configurable controls such as playing advertisements or specific messages during peak times. Set up a backup agent for your high-value customers through advanced node flow mapping in case of preferred agent routing.

Maintain consistent customer context for your agents

Keep your agents informed with IVR data through a configurable iFrame in their toolbar to quickly access all relevant information. The IVR data based on DTMF input helps agents better understand issues, leading to a smooth, personalized customer experience.

How Exotel Smart IVR Software Works?

Collecting Customer Info

When a customer calls, the first step is to gather information about their reason for calling through an IVR. The customer enters inputs, and this information is collected.

Arranging the Call Queue

The next step is to arrange the call queue and sort customers into a waiting list based on agent availability and suitability. ACD considers factors like call volume, time of day, queue wait times, and the department handling the call to determine the queue order.


Automated Call Distribution

Finally, ACD distributes the call to the best-equipped agent to handle the customer's specific concern based on the information gathered in the first two steps.


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An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows businesses to enable their customers to self serve by configuring multiple IVR options. For example – a Bank IVR can configure multiple self-serve options like – Press 1 – Know Your Balance Press 2 Credit card related Information Press 3 Demat account-related information Press 4 Current account-related information Press 5 Talk to Agent Press 6 Go back to the previous menu.

Yes, Ameyo Synthesizer allows you to design your own interactions and call flows using a simple, easy to use drag and drop tool. Ameyo synthesizer also help you to configure ACD nodes additionally helping with call distribution to Agents.

An IVR blaster is primarily used to collect customer feedback and send bulk notifications to customers. For instance, after an order is delivered, an automated call is placed to the customer asking them to rate their experience like Press 1 for ‘poor’ or Press 5 for ‘satisfactory’ and so on.

IVR configurations get complex as a business expands its products, services & reach of markets. We at Ameyo acknowledge the growing needs and complexities of businesses and cover multiple use cases for businesses of varied sizes and complexities. Few of our IVR highlights being:
– Multiple level IVR
– Multi-lingual Support
– Self-service options
– Dynamic IVR – Change real-time prompts based on CRM/Database
– Non-business hours support
– Personalized messages
– Easy CTI and CRM Integrations
– Call logging and reporting mechanisms
Having a complete call center suite for your business will help you achieve all these and a lot more.

The cost of an IVR system depends on various factors such as the number of agents, the business setup, etc. To get the best IVR pricing, talk to us today.

This IVR is part of our complete call management suite, Ameyo Voice. You can reach out to us here for further details.

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