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Boost conversion rates and reduce sales cycle with contextual customer conversations across channels

Challenged by slow, complex sales cycles?

Exotel’s Sales Conversation Platform helps streamline processes with omnichannel and predictive dialing, ensuring dynamic lead engagement and faster conversions for increased revenue.

Struggling with outreach?

With Exotel Sales , powered by GenAI, enjoy predictive, personalized campaigns and adapt in real time, enhancing efficiency and slashing costs through focused, optimized outreach.

Facing low conversion due to generic conversations? The key challenge is personalizing communication to align with customer preferences.

Exotel Sales Conversation Platform, empowered by GenAI, utilizes LLM for deep contextual understanding and script generation. It ensures each conversation is customized, significantly boosting conversion rates through meaningful, customer-centric engagement.

Manual tasks and navigating through multiple screens bog down sales agents.

Exotel Sales Conversation Platform introduces Agenoid, a virtual assistant that optimizes task management and streamlines workflows in real-time. By handling routine tasks, Agenoid enables agents to concentrate on impactful conversations, thus boosting productivity and enhancing the quality of customer engagements

Managing diverse sales types, whether direct sales reps or relationship managers, can be challenging.

Exotel Sales Conversation Platform provides a unified platform that caters to diverse sales types. From direct sales reps in the field to relationship managers providing services, our platform ensures a seamless experience. With a transformative mobile app and features tailored for different sales approaches, Exotel Sales Conversation Platform enables and manages all your sales types cohesively.

Tailored solutions for enterprises worldwide

20 Billion+

Annual engagements over voice, messaging & video


Agents on cloud

4 Billion+

Queries resolved by AI bots

125 Million+

Hours of call duration

700 Million+

People connected

Conversations that Convert: Elevating Sales with Exotel

GenAI Strategy

Empower your sales with Exotel Sales Conversation Platform powered by GenAI. Create personalized, context-aware campaigns, enhance team performance with knowledge boxes, script tracking, and tailored recommendations.

Omnichannel Hyper-Personalized Conversations

Engage leads through personalized, context-rich omni and multi-channel conversations driving conversion rates higher. Tailor your conversations to be more relevant and impactful, enhancing connection and conversion potential.

Gain Insights

Leverage customer conversation  for actionable insights, anticipate sales trends, and pivot strategies in real-time. Elevate your decision-making and stay competitive in fast-evolving markets.

Business Automation and Core System Integrations

Define personalized notification journeys, allocate tasks efficiently, and elevate deal closures with Agenoid- GenAI bot. Streamline operations, enhance agent productivity, and enhance your business operations with automation

Continuous Monitoring & Feedback

Harness real-time insights with robust dashboards and reporting tools. Monitor key metrics, evaluate progress, and refine strategies to enhance outcomes.

Customer Experiences That Speak Volumes

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