Enhance customer engagement without extra costs: Invest in an 1800 Toll-Free Number for Your Business. This simple step ensures your customers can reach you effortlessly and without any charges.

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What is a toll free number?

A toll-free number is a telephone number used by businesses in India with a prefix of 1800. Customers can call businesses on this number without any call charges. The business pays all the charges for incoming and outgoing calls instead of the caller. This makes it an easy communication channel.

Who can use Toll-Free Numbers?


Facilitate appointment bookings or for emergency services such as an ambulance.

Financial Institutions

Promote the latest offers, investment plans, and make customer support more accessible.


Make it easy for parents to track application status, learn about different programs, and much more.


Leverage toll-free numbers to conduct short educational courses or garner support for a cause.


Use it to collect votes for a contest and increase engagement for the show.

Benefits of using
toll free numbers

Better brand identity

A toll-free phone number is easy to remember and customers can easily associate this number with your brand. Additionally, by providing 24/7 customer service through a toll free number, your brand will be perceived as caring and customer-centric.

Enhanced customer experience

With an 1800 business toll free number, customers can call you for free. Moreover, you can use a smart IVR to improve your customers’ experience. This way they are more likely to stay with your business in the long term.

Measurable marketing

You can use an 1800 toll-free telephone number to track your marketing ROI. When you use these numbers on print and online ads, you can analyze your marketing spends by tracking every call that lands on that number.

Improved Sales

Billboard and TV advertisements with a toll free number usually get more attention. Since calling a toll free number costs nothing to your prospects, your sales teams can get more prospects to talk to, and hence, your business gets more customers.

Enhanced Cloud Communication Abilities

Our business toll free number service also includes our Cloud Telephony suite, where you can get better call tracking abilities, agent productivity tracking, call recording service, ability to make/receive unlimited parallel calls on a single number and more.

Features of Toll Free Number


Call Tracking

Track calls and measure their effectiveness at every point.


Call recording

Call recording enables you to monitor calls and check how productive they’re toward achieving the set targets.


Simple IVR

You can setup a simple, yet professional IVR system without any technical assistance in less than 5 minutes.


Detailed reporting

We have a fantastic reporting mechanism which allows for detailed and customized reports for your account.


Unlimited channels

You can have unlimited parallel calls on the same number.


CRM integration

Our easy-to-use APIs integrate seamlessly with your CRM.

How to get a toll-free number in India

Sign up for a free trial

Sign up for Exotel’s toll free service and a dedicated account manager will get in touch with you to understand your complete requirements.

Set up your calls dashboard

The dedicated account manager will also help you to set up your calls dashboard by creating custom call flows for your business agents.

Experience robust cloud telephony service

Utilize Exotel’s cloud telephony suite to create a seamless calling experience for your customers. Get IVR, call recording, CRM integration, call tracking and analytics, and more.

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A toll-free number in India is normally a 1800 series number which can be dialed by anyone across the country, and the person dialing the number is not charged. Toll-free numbers are a great way for businesses to enhance their customers’ experience.


Get a toll-free number for your business today. Schedule a callback from our experts

To get a toll-free number for your business, all you need to do is sign-up on our website and a dedicated account manager will get in touch with you to help you set-up the call flow for your agents.

You will also get a 15-day free trial to test our toll-free number service before making your buying decision.

Since calling a toll free number is free of charge for your prospects and customers, your business will be benefitted in the following ways:

1. Increased brand awareness

2. Enhanced customer experience

3. Ability to track calls and marketing ROI

4. Better lead generation

Contact us to get a toll free number for your business today.

The cost of the toll-free number service depends upon your estimated monthly usage i.e your estimated call volumes per month and the total number of agents to get effective prices and volume-based discounts, contact our sales team.

With Exotel’s toll-free number, you get:

1. Superior voice quality
2. Uptimes of 99.94%
3. 18×7 customer support via phone, email, and Twitter
4. Easy to understand and detailed call reports
5. Visual drag&drop call flow builder

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