Talk like a friend. Chat like a friend. Listen like a friend. Connect like a friend. Act like a friend. Help like a friend. Support like a friend. Protect like a friend. Think like a friend. Feel like a friend. Trust like a friend. Accept like a friend. Be there. Like a friend.


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Drive Reliable and Trusted Engagement at Scale

21 Billions+

Annual engagements over
voice, messaging & video


Agents on

4 Billion+

Queries resolved
by AI bots

125 Million+

Hours of call

Get the power
to Scale Customer Relationships Faster!

Multi-channel clean APIs and no-code apps as building blocks to orchestrate personalized customer interactions, from anywhere

Hyper-personal customer service, wherever your customers are. Enterprise-ready, omnichannel & truly cloud platform.

Boost productivity & achieve cost efficiency at scale with advanced intelligent conversations.

Here’s how Exotel
benefits your business


Accelerate your market entry and adaptation

One-stop cloud shop for streamlined communication and enhanced business performance


Build customer trust and support ongoing business

Humanize engagement and craft connected customer conversations


Experience peace of mind as you safeguard your data

Licensed virtual telecom operator in India. PCI-DSS and ISO 27001:2013 compliant


Achieve business agility in a rapidly evolving environment

Reliable and flexible solutions for any business size across industries.


Strengthen your brand: Foster Loyalty, Command Respect, and Drive Advocacy.

Ease of design and implementation at speed with high ROI

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Frictionless Customer
Conversation Use Cases to Fuel your Business

Lead generation

Launch multichannel campaigns in minutes with no-code tools.

Automate conversational lead gen with AI bots on Website/app, Google search & WhatsApp.

Manual outbound and inbound lead gen dialers and IVR.

Customer acquisition

Business verified in-house Sales engagement with advanced dialers.

Power 1-1 on-field personnel connects with reliable APIs.

Setup WhatsApp store and skyrocket sales with chat commerce.

Assist customers in real-time with CoBrowse and live chat or call.

Powering 7000+ Businesses Use Exotel in 60+ countries

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