Supercharge agent productivity and achieve operational excellence with real-time IP calling straight from your browser with WebRTC.

Achieve operational excellence with web-based calling

Experience ‘true-remote’ work

Reduce tedious tasks and streamline operations by giving remote workers the ability to make and take calls from within their web-based applications. Make work easier, faster and more efficient!

Save resources on building web-based calling systems

Building web-based calling solutions into your CRM requires dedicated technical teams, costing time and money.  Simply integrate our WebRTC SDK to immediately get started with IP and PSTN calling from your web application.

Cut costs with efficient calling capabilities

Save upto 30% on call costs with the Exotel WebRTC platform, which allows you to place calls over IP, which is considerably cheaper, and land them on a telephone network (PSTN) at the customer’s end. 

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is an open-source communications protocol that enables real-time voice and text streaming between web browsers and devices. It integrates into existing CRM systems, enabling users to place and receive VoIP calls on the web with a single click to provide personalised and contextual customer experiences.

A better way for your agents to call customers

Empower your workforce with Exotel WebRTC Platform allowing them to place calls and receive them within the browser or CRM. No need for external hardware, making for frictionless customer communication on the move.

Empower your agents, delight Your customers

Delight your agents with an easy-to-use one-click web-based calling solution that works across all major browsers and devices. 


Ride the ‘True Cloud’

Exotel’s ‘True Cloud’ platform allows you to connect with today’s remote workforce operating globally on various devices and networks.. Connect, track and analyse calls between two parties over IP and PSTN endpoints. 

What you get with Exotel’s

Connect across networks, browsers and devices

The WebRTC SDK allows users to make and receive calls on any device and browser over IP that terminates on PSTN

Have contextual conversations with call pop-ups

Agents can now engage customers in personalized conversations with pop-up screens that show detailed info like customer history and previous calls!

Ship faster with extensive documentation

Get started quickly with WebRTC by making use of an extensive SDK documentation and dedicated support teams. 


All a user has to do is log in to the CRM once without having to separately login to Exotel. This will authenticate the user, initialise and register the WebRTC SDK for IP calling

In such a case, the user can switch to PSTN calling with the help of a toggle button, which turns the user's mobile device into the primary device for calling.

Windows OS: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge

Linux OS: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Mac OS: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (>V11)


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