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What is SMS broadcasting?

SMS broadcasting helps you send bulk text messages to users. Text message broadcasting can be used for brand announcements, promoting offers, notifications & much more. SMS broadcasting is one of the best ways for effective customer communication & building brand loyalty.

Why use Exotel’s SMS Broadcasting

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Why your business needs an SMS broadcasting software?

High open rate

SMS has an open rate of 95%, unlike email which has only 11%. Also with SMS, you don’t need to worry about spam filters or other similar problems with emails.

Track ROI

You can easily track the marketing ROI of an SMS broadcasting campaign. It’s as simple as adding a unique virtual number as the CTA in the SMS body.

Easy to use

You can easily send personalized SMS to a large number of customers in 2-3 easy steps. Just upload the contact details and schedule the campaign.

Saves time

Do less with more. Only setting up the campaign requires manual effort. SMS broadcasting saves time and resources.

Better engagement

SMS marketing has the best engagement rate when compared to any other marketing medium.

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Why Exotel?

Internationally available

Send SMS to more than 190 countries across the world

Best delivery rates

Expect the best delivery rates and low latency

Real time reports

Improvise text message marketing campaigns with the help of real-time reports

Highly flexible

Our SMS API is highly flexible & lets you implement it in any manner that works best for you.

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