Improve brand recognition, build engaging customer conversations, and convert more with personalized offers by using WhatsApp for Marketing

Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing

Improve ROI and Productivity with WhatsApp Campaigns

Maximize your return on investment with WhatsApp campaigns, while reducing ad spend. Utilize automated scheduling and analytics-driven campaigns based on customer interactions and journey stage, Also, free up time for creative thinking and strategic planning. 

Advantage: Better return on investment, higher productivity of marketing teams


Generate and Qualify more Leads

Implement click-to-WhatsApp ad campaigns that capture information and consent for follow-up communication on WhatsApp and other channels.

Advantage: Maximizes the potential of your marketing efforts by generating more and high-quality leads, while also increasing customer engagement.


Targeted Marketing for Higher Conversions

Create personalized and targeted WhatsApp campaigns using an automated product quiz to collect customer insights and email opt-ins. Send out customized offers through outbound messaging on the same channel to increase conversion rates. Build customer trust by sharing timely order updates, add-on suggestions, cancellations, and refund requests.

Advantage: Insights-based targeted marketing, higher conversions, customer database building.


Hyper-personalize your Communications and Add a Human Touch with Whatsapp Marketing

Personalize your customer communications and bring relevancy to every WhatsApp message with customer details, preferences, and user behavior. Get closer to your leads, build deep relationships with potential customers, and Reduce CAC on WhatsApp.

Send Notifications and Boost Conversions

Create Hyper-targeted campaigns and drive more customers to take action on WhatsApp by re-engaging users with customized discounts, such as back-in-stock alerts, renewal reminders, and cart abandonment messages.

Offer On-demand Live Agent Support with Whatsapp for Marketing

Exotel's bots, Provide exceptional on-demand customer support, where live agents collaborate seamlessly with customers and enhance their customer experience.


To get started with WhatsApp marketing, please reach out to Exotel at to book a one-on-one consultation with our WhatsApp marketing experts.

WhatsApp Business Platform can be used for engaging prospects and customers across the customer journey with different types of marketing campaigns

Acquire - Promotions/Announcements, Opt-Ins, Discount Offers

Engage - Cart Abandonment, Out of stock alerts, Re-engagement

Retain - Loyalty campaigns, Up-sell & Cross-sell, Service, Feedback Collection


Improvement in customer engagement and lead conversion rates, reduction in Ad spend, increase in sales and average order value are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp Business for marketing.

Absolutely, yes! Regardless of whether your clients are new or old contacts, and regardless of whether they have kept your number on their device, you can send bulk WhatsApp messages to all of your clients.

That's all you have to do -

  • Open Exotel WhatsApp Campaign Portal
  • Upload a contact list of your customers
  • Maintain a consent database of you customers
  • Create and whitelist message template
  • Send your promotional broadcast

WhatsApp is better than SMS and Email for Marketing because: 

  • Wide Reach - 2.5 billion+ people use WhatsApp globally.
  • Open Rates - WhatsApp Open rates are better than SMS and email (upto 17x in some cases)
  • Rich media support - Businesses and users can communicate using images, video, location etc.
  • Automation - Businesses can set up an always-on business with chatbot automation
  • CX - WhatsApp can be used as a single communication channel to seamlessly solve customer problems end to end

Engage Customers across the Buying Journey with WhatsApp Marketing



Connect with your customers at every stage of their buying journey with our user-friendly WhatsApp marketing features. Collecting opt-ins can assist you in engaging with your clients in a more connected way. Once a customer opts in you can send product recommendations, sales notifications, abandoned cart alerts, and more.


Promos and Offers

Engage your customers by offering exclusive promotions and discounts, making it easy for them to shop at your eCommerce, retail, or WhatsApp store with Whatsapp Marketing.


New Product Announcements

WhatsApp is a great channel to announce new products with clear visuals and rich media. You can incentivize your target customers via early bird offers to try out your new products.


Cart abandonment

Your customers might like some items, add to their cart but abandon them later. Triggering a message to inquire about the customer’s purchase preference and offering a discount might help you get the product back in the cart eventually!


Out of stock alerts

Items selling like hot cakes? Keep customers informed about limited stock availability or time-sensitive discounts to create a sense of urgency.


Re-engagement alerts

Re-activate dormant customers and encourage them to view and purchase your product through re-engagement alerts. Dormant customers can be identified by their purchase history and purchase intent.


Loyalty campaigns

Boost your customer loyalty with WhatsApp marketing by informing them about new arrivals, providing them with early access to sales, and presenting exclusive loyalty benefits. Build your customer lifetime value, and reduce churn rate.


Service and feedback

Keeping your customers informed about delivery notifications, order confirmations, appointment bookings etc. and collecting regular feedback will help improve your customer experience and build rapport with your customers


Up-sell and Cross-sell

Boost your sales with the power of WhatsApp for marketing. Help your customers explore and try more and different products with personalized recommendations based on their purchase and browsing history.

Unlock the Full Potential of WhatsApp Marketing with Exotel

1. Analyze Customer Behavior

Understanding your customers is the key to effective marketing. With Exotel' Whatsapp marketing capabilities, businesses can delve deep into customer behavior and demographics, gaining invaluable insights to fuel marketing campaigns. Our advanced analytics provide insights into demographics and behavioral patterns, empowering you to tailor your WhatsApp campaigns precisely to their needs.

2. Set Customer Engagement Campaigns

Engaging customers isn't just about sending messages but crafting meaningful interactions. Exotel allows you to create dynamic, personalized campaigns that resonate with your audience. Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp into your existing customer journeys, delivering timely and relevant messages that forge connections and drive results. Whether it's a product launch, a limited-time offer, or personalized recommendations, your campaigns will shine.

3. Send Personalized Communication over WhatsApp

One-size-fits-all messages are a thing of the past. The heart of successful WhatsApp marketing lies in personalization. Whether you're nurturing existing relationships or sparking new ones, personalized communication sets you apart from the competition. If you're an Exotel customer, you can harness the strength of segmentation, build highly personalized campaigns, or tailor your message to resonate with individual customers by leveraging WhatsApp marketing.

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