Get a comprehensive view of your data with custom dashboards and reports

Make Smarter Business Decisions with Customized Call Center Dashboards

Is limited visibility into your call center dashboards stopping you from making informed decisions?

Stay up-to-date on your performance and uncover areas of improvement with detailed reports and dashboards. Keep informed to maximize productivity, using in-depth analysis for ongoing feedback - the key to success!

Ready to take your customer service experience to the next level by optimizing real-time operations and performance monitoring in your call center dashboards?

Real-time dashboards provide contact center managers with a revolutionary way to stay on top of active conversations and ensure their agents have the support they need for speedy resolutions - giving customers satisfying, timely answers!

Struggling to stay on top of contact center KPIs while out and about?

Stay in control of your contact center campaigns with Ameyo's Bird’s Eye View Mobile App! Configure monitoring to stay apprised of key metrics and get real-time notifications when SLA breaches occur. Don't miss a beat - customize these settings now for uninterrupted success!

Customized Automated Advanced

Graphical Dashboards

Dashboards with multiple graphs and diagrams help with easy and faster data consumption for improved analysis.

Custom Reporting

Create and fetch reports for relevant call metrics and agent productivity for respective stakeholders.

Real-Time Stats

Get access to real-time data about call center operations to enable the supervisors to identify trends and strategize accordingly.

Report Scheduler

Get reports delivered to the stakeholders at a set time and date.

Report Templates

Templates to help the supervisors and managers quickly create customized reports to track performance.

Remote Agent Monitoring Dashboard

Keep track of the performance of your remote agents with live dashboards, get track of their device’s health and network issues.

Elevate Your Contact Center Results with
Strategic Metric Analysis and Decision Making

Maximize the Impact of Your Agent-Customer Interactions with Tailored Dashboards.

Take your customer service to the next level with performance monitoring and advanced call-controlling options. Snoop, barge, and whisper in real-time so agents can deliver consistently positive experiences -all while tracking progress for optimal results. It's an easy way to guide your team toward success!

Drive Customer Satisfaction and ROI with Channel-Specific Monitoring

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers' preferred communication channels through channel-wise reports. Identify the channels that drive the most engagement and make informed decisions to optimize your strategy. Leverage the most effective channels to achieve a high return on investment and keep your customers happy.

Improve Supervisory Decisions with Real-Time Stats and Customizable Views

Stay on top of interactions and agent performance with real-time and historical stats. Easily identify trends and patterns with color-coded statistics. Monitor call quality in real-time with flexible data views. Personalize your metrics view by configuring data refresh durations to meet your specific needs. Empower your supervisors to make informed decisions with all the necessary data at their fingertips.

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