A powerful dashboard that reduces the need for manual data compilation and analysis. Get more work done in less time and optmize agent performance all at once.

Make the switch to Exotel’s call center monitoring software

Real-time insights into team performance

Get an instantaneous view of how your team is doing - no more waiting around for performance reports. Stay up-to-date and in control!

Harness the power of self-monitoring dashboards

Improve your team's decision making with up-to-date data tracking and reporting. Increase productivity so you're always ahead of the game, giving your workforce a competitive edge that sets them apart!

Drive agent & customer satisfaction

Streamline the workforce, speeding up processes that ensure customers get their queries answered promptly and conveniently - resulting in enhanced satisfaction for everyone involved.

Real-time insights that let you make data-driven decisions

Say goodbye to inaccurate monitoring methods

Empower agents to stay on top of their performance with self-monitoring dashboards and key performance indicators. This helps them quickly identify where they could improve, so that all their work is done efficiently!

Real-time data that lets you stop second-guessing

With real-time data and performance-defining parameters in one place, you can take informed decisions and build strong strategies for your business. Say goodbye to guesswork and inconsistent control over live calls and elevate your decision-making process.

Take your team’s performance up a notch

Show real-time data compared to target data, or rank agents based on daily performance to foster competition. Enhance your employees' performance and drive higher results.

Act in real-time & provide
the best experience for your customers

Custom dashboards to track performance trends, set goals, and monitor progress

Track how your agents are performing in real-time, with advanced options like snooping, barging and whispering. Make sure customer interactions remain top quality by providing your team helpful guidance to keep the experience consistent.

Maximize compliance and performance in one simple step

Score calls to make sure agents are keeping up with call center etiquette, staying on script and delivering the same great customer experience every time. Don't miss a beat - let's get those key phrases in!

Smart call recordings to train agents and stay compliant

Keep track of every agent conversation & rate their performance. Complying with regulations is a breeze by archiving call records - plus it's easy for supervisors to quickly search through calls using simple filters, ensuring customer data remains secure thanks to privilege-based access restrictions.

Boost Productivity with Tailored SLA Configuration

Configure SLAs and get notifications when thresholds are breached for vital metrics like call duration, hold time etc. Have a color-coded overview of agent monitoring to easily identify those who may need help with their productivity - so deadlines can be met without hiccups!

Powerful monitoring abilities that keep
track of historic data trends, in a few clicks

Agent Self-Monitoring

Agents can get a quick, comprehensive view of their performance by tracking metrics such as calls taken, call handling time and wrap-up time.

Agent Monitoring

Keep an eye on your entire team with real-time updates and monitoring of agent activity from active interactions, conversation counts to login/availability hours.

Call Monitoring

Supervise agents by listening to live calls, redirecting interactions, and taking complete control of calls if needed, including forcing logouts.


Monitor metrics, streamline supervision and boost motivation - all from the same platform! Plus, track stats both now and historically for more powerful analysis.

Voice Logger and Archiver

Keep track of customer-agent interactions for up to three years. Easily store and review voice logs; analyze their quality, accuracy, and compliance with industry regulations

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