Easily connect with your customers in real-time, provide personalised assistance, and improve customer satisfaction.

Built for Enterprises to Win Customers for Life

Upto 20%

improvement in CSAT


languages supported


channels supported

Infinite scalability on

cloud deployments

Improve first contact resolution, from sign-up to up-sell with chat

How can your customer service agents assist customers on the go?

Customer service teams can integrate live chat with their engagement channels like WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, website bots to provide immediate resolutions, troubleshoot issues, and offer personalized recommendations, all while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

How can live chat help reduce agent AHT and increase agent efficiency?

Live chat offers real-time assistance which is much faster than emails and more convenient than lengthy phone calls. With the ability to access customer history and provide pre-written responses, agents can quickly address common queries, further reducing AHT. It also allows agents to handle multiple conversations simultaneously, which increases efficiency and productivity.

Unified and Contextual Conversational Engagement

Omnichannel live chat

Provide contextual and unified experiences across all popular messaging channels. With Exotel's live chat, businesses can ensure that customers can easily access the help they need, create better customer experiences, build stronger relationships with customers, and reduce churn rates.

Enhance Agent Productivity

Increase Agent Productivity multifold through Fast Messaging Intuitive Interface, Canned Responses, Private Notes, Agent Group Chat, and many more features! The agent live chat console is mobile responsive - making it easy for agents to even use it on the go!

Smart Agent Assignment

Auto-assign conversations to agents based on their skill levels and load. Each new chat goes to the first available agent, who can respond quickly to the customer. The next round is distributed when all agents are assigned one chat each.

360 Degree View of Customer

Enable agents to get a 360 Degree View of the Customer to assist the customer better through more context. Get information on your customers, their navigation path, behavior on your site, and more to make conversations that resonate.


Single Sign On

Enable SSO for faster login to the applications. Manage all the users from a single directory, allowing only authentic people to login.

Role Based Access Control

Easily manage your team by giving access to your team members based on their roles and privileges and assign only the functionality they need to do their job.

Canned Responses

Save agent time by providing them with pre-written messages helping them to handle a larger volume of inquiries more efficiently.

Audit Logs

Extensive audit logs for logging and monitoring all the user activity in the application. Audit logs help prevent suspicious activities.

Quick and Easy Integration

Easy and effortless integration with your existing systems - ATS, Dialer, HRMS, RTA, CRM, LMS, and many more!

Advanced Reports and Analytics

Exotel's software comes with Advanced Reports and Analytics for you to analyze how the users interact with the application and optimize the user journeys accordingly.

Use Cases


Generate leads by engaging website visitors and offering them personalised recommendations or discounts


Close more deals by assisting potential customers in real-time and providing immediate answers to product questions

Customer Service

Provide fast and efficient customer support, addressing customer queries and issues in real-time,

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