Efficiently manage your business' customer inquiries, improve customer satisfaction and potentially increase sales

Drive Reliable and
Trusted Engagement at Scale


Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)


More store-related questions than webchat


Customer queries solved by bots


Increase in customer reach

Transform Customer Engagement using Google Business Messages

Google Business Messages allows the inclusion of messaging buttons for brands in organic Google search results. By clicking on these buttons, users can initiate a conversation with the brand's customer service

Google’s Business Messages empowers your brand to be seamlessly discoverable across channels like Google Search, Google Maps and website bots.

Exotel chatbots can be integrated with Google Business Messages to automate customer service interactions and provide quick responses to common inquiries. They can instantly provide relevant information, offer suggestions, or redirect the conversation to human agents.

Use cases of Google Business Messages


Product Search

If your business offers a variety of product choices then you can guide your customers to relevant product options in a carousel.


Reservations and Bookings

Scheduling and altering appointments and reservations can be done easily with both bots and live agents


General Enquiries

Businesses provide a lot of info on their website but customers generally prefer a real time interaction with bot/human agent to learn about the business.

What you Get with Google Business Messages?

Message chips

Business Messages provides conversation starters in chips that makes it fast and easy to respond to common customer queries

Entry Points

Let your users reach you through different Google services such as Search and Maps and also through embedded URL entry points on your website or even emails


Authenticate your customer’s account seamlessly with OAuth functionality and bring them right back to the chat, from where they left off.

Rich media features

Rich cards and carousels enable you to show multiple products at a time. These cards can also be linked to site pages to start another user experience.

Built-in survey tool

Make use of Google’s built-in survey tool to collect feedback immediately once a conversation ends. Use survey insights to improve conversation experiences.

Scale with Exotel chatbot

Keep your business always-on by using Exotel chatbots and live chat. Engage multiple user conversations at a time, scaling bots as per service demand.

Crafting Connected Customer Conversations for Enterprises Globally

Benefits of Google Business Messages (GBM)

Assist customers when they need you the most

Deliver helpful, timely, and engaging experiences in the moment your customers need help— across Google’s channels including Search and Maps. Your customers can easily start a conversation with your business without having to navigate IVRs and lengthy form fills.

Expand your business’ reach

Engage your customers who are searching for products or services in their area through Google services. Allow prospects to connect with you at any time or from any location when they are seeking solutions for their problems.

Differentiate your brand

Establish your brand reputation as a customer first business. With instant support on Google channels create a distinctive customer experience and set the standard for your industry.

Drive value with richer experiences

Create value for both your customers and your customer success teams. Automate customer service with automated, personalised conversational flows on Google Business Messages. Allow human agents to handle multiple chats simultaneously but still provide contextual support to each customer.

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