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ExoMind API

ExoMind API aims to bring the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) to streamline business tasks and enhance conversations. It simplifies the intricacies of AI operations, and enables algorithm selection (LLMs, SLM, RAG, RBB), model deployment, monitoring, and fine-tuning for users. It offers configurable options for operational considerations like cost, accuracy, and speed. Furthermore, it provides atomic language tasks such as summarization, sentiment extraction, translation, and transcriptions – turning complexities into easily usable tools.

Transform Your Business and conversational workflows:

Efficient Transcription Services

Convert spoken words into written text with accuracy. Ideal for meeting records, interviews, and creating accessible content. Offers detailed transcription with options for audio formats, speaker identification, and custom tags, beneficial for journalists and content creators.


Translation Capabilities

Break language barriers and connect with a global audience..Advanced translation capabilities with source language detection and custom referencing, suitable for global businesses and multilingual conversations.


Advanced Data Querying

Extract precise information from complex data sets highlighting relevant information quickly, useful for customer service efficiency.

Concise Summarization Tools

 Turn lengthy documents into short, digestible summaries. Save time and grasp key information quickly.

Key Capabilities

Easy to Use

The Exomind API abstracts out the complexities related to running complex algorithms (e.g NLP, LLMs) such as model deployment, monitoring and fine-tuning from the user.

Highly Configurable

Exomind makes available critical operational considerations such as cost, speed and accuracy as easily configurable options to the user.

Rich Set of Language Operations

Tasks that can be executed though Exomind include summarization, translation, and sentiment analysis.

Smart Model Management

Can intelligently alternate between rule-based solutions, Small Language Models (SLM), and Large Language Models (LLM), based on user considerations.

Smooth Integration

 Integrates with both custom and popular third-party LLMs.

Secure and Reliable

Suitable for cloud-based and on-site setups across various business environments.

Key Benefits


Boosted Efficiency and Productivity

Streamlines complex tasks significantly enhancing operational productivity and decision-making speed.


Enhanced Reach

Breaks down language barriers with advanced translation, enabling businesses to engage effectively with a diverse audience.


Cost Savings and Optimized Resource Use

Dynamically prioritizes tasks to balance cost, speed, and quality, ensuring resource-efficient operations.


Improved Customer Engagement

Enhances customer engagement with empathetic conversations and quick access to relevant information.

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Boost efficiency, break language barriers, and gain data-driven insights.

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