Effortless virtual number management, automatic allocation and deallocation from an infinite pool for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

What is Bridge?

Bridge is a patented and unified API product that powers Sales, Customer service, Relationship Manager and Last Mile connect use cases with a reliable, secure, convenient, and cost-effective connection via virtual numbers.

Track and analyse these conversations to improve agent productivity, maintain compliance and monetise your business.

Unlock the Power of Bridge

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable connectivity and missed opportunities to convert leads?

Our patented technology guarantees connectivity with up to two ‘Heartbeat API’ monitored healthy virtual numbers for each call. 

Is manual allocation and deallocation of virtual numbers taking up time?

With Exotel, enjoy seamless and effortless number management with automatic allocation and deallocation of healthy virtual numbers from an unlimited pool.

Are you concerned about the privacy and security of your business conversations?

With Bridge, ensure private and secure conversations by connecting two parties without revealing their contact details, protecting the privacy and avoiding data leakage.

Use Cases

Bridge agent and customer efficiently over a single customer-facing number allocated for a set duration over a one-legged call.

Avoid off-platform transactions and monetise your marketplace better by bridging buyers and sellers on your platform to help with tracking and proof of connects.

Assign a single customer facing number to bridge your relationship manager and customer for a specified transaction period.

Improve agent productivity and conversion rates by seamlessly bridging agent and customer with just a click of a button over a two- legged call.

Increase cash flow and avoid non payment by bridging agent and customer right from the CRM over a click of a button over a two- legged call.

Bridge agent and customer efficiently over a single customer facing number allocated for a set duration over a one-legged call.

Improve Your Customer Experience
with Click-to-Call


Maximize lead conversion and prevent leakage

The Click-to-Call button feature converts leads on your website/app while they are still interested in your product, setting you apart from competitors.


50% reduction in call costs

Auto-allocation of healthy cross-circle virtual numbers from an unlimited pool eliminates the need for purchasing and maintaining virtual numbers and our single-legged connects feature cuts costs significantly.



Our patented technology allocates up to two constantly monitored healthy virtual numbers for each call, and allows users to connect without internet dependency.

How it Works?
Bridge is enabled in two ways

Green Virtual Number (VN)

Step 1: A transaction starts between a customer and business partner. Transaction details, including mobile numbers of both parties, are sent to the Exotel server from the customer.

Step 2: A pair of VNs can be auto-allocated for this transaction.

Step 3: Exotel connects the business partner and customer. Both parties can communicate without revealing their personal numbers guaranteeing privacy.

Step 4: After the transaction or set duration is completed, the VNs are deallocated from both parties.

Green PIN

Step 1: A PIN is generated and mapped to a set of customers over a requested virtual number.

Step 2: A transaction begins between the customer and the business partner.

Step 3: Exotel connects the business partner and customer. Both parties can communicate without revealing their personal numbers

Step 4: PIN is deallocated after the call in order to free it up for reuse in future transactions.

What you get with Bridge?

High Performance APIs

Instantly connects with low latencies and high call connectivity rates. It's the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve their communication and customer experience.

Unlimited Virtual Number Pool

Eliminate the need for owning and maintaining virtual numbers on your end. Get access to an unlimited pool of virtual numbers, giving you the flexibility and scalability, you need to grow your business. 

Healthy Number Allocation

Always have a reliable connection. Exotel's Heartbeat API constantly monitors the virtual number pool to ensure that only healthy numbers are allocated for every transaction, giving you peace of mind and a seamless customer experience.

Event Callbacks

Stay informed and in control of your communication. With event callbacks, you will receive notifications for call completion, VN/PIN deallocation, successful and failed verifications, and more. Always stay on top of your communication and make informed decisions for your business.

Advanced Call Analytics

Understand your call performance like never before. With a real-time dashboard and rich campaign-level data reports, you will have the insights you need to optimize your communication and make data-driven decisions for your business.

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